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IRF/TWIR: This Week in Running is back! Ultramarathon and trail racing results from Justin Mock/IRF.

Chase and Nikki over at Treeline Journal did a great job covering Peterson Ridge Rumble on Twitter yesterday. And what a race! Here’s their wrap up with all the twists and turns from the front of the packs. (And did I call Dani Moreno’s win?!? She’s a beast on the short-distance trail races!)

Everything you need to know about replacing a zipper on your adventure jacket.

I think a lot of us, especially women, put limits on what we think we’re capable of without really knowing what we’re able to do. Especially at some of these longer distances … To me, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to go after the overall record. That doesn’t mean I’m always going to get it—in fact, I didn’t with the Wonderland Trail—but that doesn’t mean that I should limit what I think is possible. Why not set a big scary goal and get out there to see what you can do?  

All about Kaytlyn’s FKT on the Wonderland Trail, in her words.

Lize Brittin writes about how eating disorders are (mis)portrayed on Twitter and how it’s impossible to come to consensus on the transgender athlete issue if one side constantly vilifies the other. Good read.

The LetsRun MENSA Team discusses imaginary races between Jim Walmsley and Ruth Chepng’etich.

Saturday morning vibes: Chasing Sunny on hill repeats.

Good for this coach for taking a stand against masking student athletes outside. Wish he would’ve given them a choice, but I understand his position.

AJW returns the favor and crews his son in a bike race.

Trailrunner Mag: How cannabis can fit into your workout and recovery routines. Highly recommended.

I was contacted by a journalist over the weekend who asked me what the “trail running community” (which it turns out is getting harder and harder to define) thought about game cameras on the trails. I told her that I hadn’t ever seen one and that I wasn’t aware of any problems. Naturally, my Libertarian hackles stood up and I started thinking about privacy issues, surveillance, etc., but I was still confused by the question. After posting about it on Twitter, it seems there are quite a few areas that have game cameras–generally for scientific purposes as opposed to hunting–on both public and private lands, and many near me. Because of my vision I have to focus on the trail directly in front of me while I run and don’t often get the chance to look around, but now I’m curious to spot one of the elusive cameras in the wild. Do you see them on the trails?

YouTube: It’s hard to not smile while watching these three women rip it up on their mountain bikes.

Dave Proctor is getting ready for a 573km Trans-Alberta FKT attempt.

Jeff Garmire posts his report and pictures from Barkley 2021.

Personal: Does anyone have any experience with ultra-distance SUP races? I’ve got some questions. Thanks.

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