Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Apr 13

Big race this past weekend in Sonoma. We camped the night before, hit the start, then I stayed at Madrone Point a/s with the URP Golden Shower.  Full results here. Billy runs with the top group for awhile in this sneak peek video. USL has interviews here. Bryon’s recap is here.   Derrick has some awesome shots of the leaders here. And if you’re wondering who those 19 year olds were who each finished third, I interviewed them last week here.

Tim Tollefsen following Max King through the URP Golden Shower at mile 31.


I think the Nike Trail Elite team is great for the sport, exciting to watch, and made up of a solid group of guys and gals.  I also totally support Robbie Britton’s protest of Nike signing drug cheat Justin Gatlin to the swoosh.

Full results from Int’l Association of Ultramarathon 24 hour Championship in Italy. Women here. Mens here. Both did great, but I think it’s fair to say the fellas got chicked. Maggie Guteri came back from 19th place to seal the deal for the ladies. Guts!

Very cool. Vasque used to be a huge brand in our little corner of the running market, then they had some rough years, but now they’ve got Krissy Moehl on board. I played with some of their shoes at last year’s Outdoor Retailer and was impressed!

Stephanie’s tales of running and exploring are always good. This one’s no exception as she runs through Afghanistan.

Jean posts a great report from Mad City 100k.  I’m in awe of guys like him who can race so much, train religiously, hold down a demanding job, and have a family. Full results here. Holy cow! Camille Herron 4th OA and over three hours ahead of 2nd female. Is that right???

Recent Beer Mile controversy might require new rule for verification: Dumping the finished bottle in a bucket and measuring remainder at finish.

I released this interview on Friday. It’s not an audio podcast, but a transcribed interview with Emily Richards who’s quickly making a name for herself in the MUT scene. She also had some life threatening struggles with anorexia as a high school runner and opens up to Sarah and I here.

Good read: Bill Rodgers, 40 years after his big Boston win.

This is the greatest billboard in the world.

And here’s the finest route in the High Sierra.

Somehow in all the commotion, I forgot to mention that Devon Yanko finished 7th female at Two Oceans Marathon in RSA earlier this month. You know when people say “just wait until the Africans start running ultras!”….Yeah, in Africa, they do.  I’ll be interviewing her later this week to learn more about it.

Read this: Train with the tools you have. How to train for altitude, technical trails, and heat when those aren’t close by. Or you could always pull a tire around town.


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