Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Apr 18

Treeline Journal: Chase runs down the deep, deep, oh so deep entrants list to Canyons 100k. And iRunFar publishes their predictions for men and women.

But hey, don’t just focus on the 100k. The 50k will see Hayden Hawks, Mario Mendoza, Dakota Jones, Keely Henninger, Ashely Brasovan and more all line up and then there’s the 25k! ┬áScotty Bauhs, Cole Watson, Emkay Sullivan,

Not only will this be a test to see which athletes earn their Golden Tickets, but it’ll also be a test to see how UTMB/Ironman does putting on another big race in the US. Canyons started as a grassroots event just a few years ago will now be corporate with a very different mindset. My advice: Don’t change much.

Only in Auburn: Where the high school football coach is training for an ultramarathon.

Sounds like the Marathon Investigation is closing down. Derek Murphy apparently posted a message to Facebook stating that he needs to focus on his real job and family more. Totally understand, but what a bummer.

Remy: The doctors said he’d never run again. Twenty years later, turns out they were right.

Trailrunner Mag: How Avery Collins gets ready for summer trail running.

Jean’s guide to running on one of the atolls in Oceania. Can’t get lost. No vert. Easy access to water.

ultrarunning/Koop: Three training runs to add to your routine.

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