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This writer analyzes the secret sauce to longevity in ultramarathon/trail running. What do you think?

Outside Magazine covers Schlarb & Co’s Skiing Hardrock expedition.  Here’s my interview with him from last month.

Doping, moto-doping, now we’ll have neuro-doping.  Interesting.

I’ll tread lightly here, but is this just a justification for women being overweight, or is this actual science that shows a big, pear-shaped butt is a good thing?

That guy who tried to “run” from Florida to Bermuda in a giant bubble made it…wait for itone day before being rescued.

Justin/IRF run down the trail/ultramarathon results from this weekend.  Zach Miller’s performance at Maderia was nuts.  Did you see the video of him at the aid station? That’s focus.

ultramarathon mendocino
First few miles of Mendocino 50k Ultramarathon.

And in personal weekend news, I finished my first ultra in two years at Mendocino 50k.  Calf was no problem at all, though my fitness still has a ways to come back.  Goal one: Finish. Goal two: Don’t finish faster than six hours.  Full report soon.

There was little jubilation in finishing. Just utter relief to be done.

“That took 10 freaking hours to do a 50k!”

We got back to camp and Billy couldn’t wait to hear the stories of the suffer fest.

Well, here’s the whole story from the Art Loeb Trail in North Carolina. Great report!

Mike Wardian…Seven days ago at Boston Marathon he ran 2:31. Yesterday at London Marathon he ran 2:27.  There’s an international flight in between those races, Mike has a full time job, family, and he’s 42. Absolutely incredible.

Mike may not need as much recovery time as the rest of us, but if you do (and you heard our interview with Dom Grossman), here are some real-life strategies for workout recovery.

I’ve got a bit of a runners crush on 4th place MdS finisher (and ’15 champ) Elisabet Barnes.

The Angry Jogger’s sobriety is going well, but his diet, language, and anger are still on full throttle in this post about running 40 miles. As always, salty language alert.

You want ultramarathon? Here’s the Sri Chimnoy 6 and 10 day race update page. Ed Ettinghausen is in second place.

I hear Woodie Guthrie singing “This Land is Your Land” when reading this article about trespassing private land in the US.  Here’s something I wrote about trail running and trespassing three years ago.

After the pacemaker blew his ankle, Kawauchi was on his own at the Zurich Marathon.  He took his first ever European win, beating the East Africans in the snow. #JapaneseWardian

More on the runners high. When was the last time you felt it?

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