Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Apr 3

Lots of weekend results from the ultramarathon and trail communities.  Standout for me was Rich Hanna finishing a strong 3rd (to Zach Bitter) for a 6:18 50 miler at American River 50.  (Rich is 52 years old.)

Remembering Ed Whitlock.

Boom! Come on, official! Get off the track! 

Should RDs offer (or be required to offer?) refunds for mis-measured courses?  Is this a fair comparison: You need 50 feet of rope for a project. You go to the store and buy a package that says “50 feet of rope” but when you get home, it’s 48 feet.  You’d get your money back.  Or is athletic competition immune to that because it’s just for fun? Different for trail events because of terrain? What do you think?

Lessons: A winter trail run at Half Dome in Yosemite nearly ends in disaster.

Quick interview with Master of Consistency Ian Sharman.

Avery Collins punched his ticket to Western with a Golden Ticket win at the Georgia Death Race on Saturday (Aliza LaPierre won for the ladies.)  As a cannabis-sponsored athlete who advocates for the plant’s use, this is sure to increase discussion of pot in high-profile events like WS100.  If you’re interested, here’s our episode with Avery from last year where we talk about it all. (Reminder: WADA rules essentially allow THC use outside of competition.)

Still running, but a totally different type of race: The Carlsbad 5000 is considered the most competitive road 5k in the world and my mom won her age group this weekend.  WooHoo!

In other road racing news, Joycline Jepkosgei breaks 4 World Records en route to her half marathon record.

Barkley ends in just over 3 hours with 2 dudes still out on the course.  Hear out interview with Barkley veteran couple Alan and Bev Abbs right here.

Yes, I saw the exchange between the RD and the over-enthusiastic spectator demanding real-time results.  Seems he’s new to this and didn’t understand protocol, while at the same time RD was stressing about event.  Hope everyone learned a lesson.

Did you check out our latest review of the Salomon Sense Pro Max? If you like Salomons but are looking for more cush for a long run shoe, Ben recommends checking this out.

Eric went down to Chile for some adventure runs, and ended up volunteering for a trail building group.  Great story with amazing pictures.

#Restdaybrags now a real thing.

Should the Olympic Games even exist? Do we really need them?

Paul Okenfold to play at Everest Base Camp. 

NUC: Am I the only 26 year old who hates yoga?

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