Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Apr 6

Do ultramarathons and trail races need labels to identify difficulty, distance, etc? Would this be helpful to you?

Holy wow: I need to go to the Alpsteins in Switzerland. Trail running paradise!

Read this: How to become a beast on the uphills.

Zach Bitter went for a WR in the track 100 miler on Saturday. He made it 57 miles until his quad gave him trouble and he called it a day.

IRF’s Lake Sonoma Women’s Preview. I released this podcast on Friday with Ashley Erba, and will be releasing one each day this week with a wide range of guests. Stay tuned!

I was reading this article about women’s participation rates in Turkish ultra marathons and the last sentence caught my eye.

OK, the company that photographs Tough Mudder races just raised $2M in new equity funding.

Could you pass the FBI fitness test?

Sarah’s brief DNF report from Gorge. Protip: “If you ever find yourself composing a race report in your head during a race, especially one that weaves a clever narrative about all the reasons you did not have a great race, just put a lid on those thoughts and RUN. You are creating a self-fulfilling prediction that will sabotage your efforts.”

What type of shoes did WS100 finishers wear? How about socks? What type of training methods did they use? Lots of data right this way.

Are you automatically syncing Garmin Connect? Here’s a how to.

Alright, who’s going to run this? 250 miles across Florida on mixed terrain. No aid, no help, no entry fee. Yeah, it’s a bike race, but it’s calling your name.

Chikara Omine and Jen Benna won American River 50 on Saturday. Results here and here.

Interim MDS results here. Go Liza!

I’m sure it’ll be over dramatized, but I’ll still check out “100 Miles from Nowhere.”

Born to Run author Christopher McDougall has a new book that sounds pretty awesome. Hear our original interview with Chris right here.

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