Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Apr 8

Justin Mock/IRF: All the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend. What caught my eye:
-Olivier Leblond’s 13:34 at Umstead 100 miler. Dang, that’s fast.
-Heather Davison winning–and losing–the Shotgun Trail Blast 50k. Wait, what?
-Forget the PR Mohican 50k won by URP guest Lee Conner.
-I’ll also add the Angry Tortoise 50k to that list. It was held in Florida on Saturday and directed by URP guest Mae Barker (with her husband Zach finishing 2nd.0

Uncle Larry: The currently-cool-and-never-injured trail and ultramarathon runners were new to the sport just a few years ago. Don’t be too impressed.

DNF: Gabi writes about her struggle with a DNF at Saturday’s American River 50. Now what?

Road racing: King Ches and Sharon Lokedi take the wins at the fastest 5k in the country. Also, Brits podium in both male and female races.
Meanwhile, my niece (who never ever ever ever cries) was there and apparently had issues with Meb.

Meb, Amy, my sister Kristin and her husband Clay.

Mountain Outhouse News: JamJam covers Barkley, AC100, and the GDR time penalty. Jamil’s opinion is important to me and I’m moving on…

New Episode: He’s preparing for a run across the Alps by running with rocks in his shoes. He talks about a race in England where the person who gets furthest away from the start (in any direction) after 24 hours wins. And he talks about why the European FKT scene has never picked up steam. Check out our interview with Guillaume Arthus and learn more about the MEAN acronym.

Andy Gonzales, who finished first in 1977 and 1978, flirted and bragged at the prerace briefing. Nicki Lewis, a 47-year-old mother of five who makes her living as a rollerskating instructor, announced, โ€œI want to see what I have in me. Iโ€™m doing this to show other women my age that life is not over.โ€ Last yearโ€™s winner, Mike Catlin, 28, who holds the course record of 16 hours 11 minutes, kept to himself, out of shyness or tension. 

–Throwback: People Magazine covered the 1980 Western States Endurance Run. [Emphasis mine.] Cool story! h/t Colton Carter.

Bernard Lagat throws some respect to his sister for pushing the boundaries and using her winnings to put him through school.

Addie Bracy: Balancing school and running, life in the pain cave, and how Nike dealt with her LGBTQ partner (spoiler: They signed her, too.)

Experiment/Follow up: I asked the Twitterverse yesterday for advice on how to NOT lose running socks. Starting today, I’ll use a bra bag near my laundry hamper that will be solely for socks. I’ll follow up with you in a week to see if it’s helped.

ESPN: Clare Gallagher gets some love for combining her racing and activism.

Boston Marathon: The storied race will become the first major ultramarathon to award prize money to disabled and blind/VI athletes. Starts in 2020.

Tarawera: Be sure to read Megan (Arbogast) Laws’ report from the big race in NZ. Absolutely incredible.

Semi-Rad: I love Brendan’s (interview) charts on semi-rad, so I just pre-ordered his book that will have some of his best work.

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