Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, April 20

You may want to keep an eye on this Aussie fella in late June. He’s gunning for a top ten (or better) at Western and it sounds like he’s got a good chance at it.

Did you check out Ginger Runner’s latest film from Gorge Waterfalls 100k? Chasing Western shows how exciting trail ultramarathons can be.

Speedgoat Karl Meltzer set a world record by playing 228 holes of golf in 12 hours in Napa this weekend. Why not?

Trail porn from Annecy and the Swiss Alps.

This hiker/adventurer/super smart chick went into the mountains of New Hampshire and didn’t come out alive.

Don’t bother trying to get hold of me for three hours. I’ll be watching Boston right here. Yeah, that’s the one without pacers.  

Here’s a list of five ultrarunners running Boston, two of them doing the Sonoma/Boston double. Which one will come out ahead? Vote here!

…but in other marathon news, is everyone doping?

Let’s hope for the best: Union Pacific officials threatening to not stop trains that intersect marathon route in Sacramento.

Weed out the fakers from the takers:

The message is always the same – we can get you where you want to be faster than you can get yourself there. The truth is it takes work. Hard work. Every day. What it doesn’t take is people who promise what they can’t deliver, or who are only aiming at one thing: what’s in it for them.

Sounds like the Ultra Fiord in Patagonia was intense. “Bronco Billy” Jeff Browning and Candice Burt won the 150k technical trail race, but Nikki Kimball and Kerrie Bruxvoort are reporting there lives were in serious danger a few times. Anxious to hear more.

Really interesting piece on Japan’s running scene.

And more intriguing: Recreational and marathon times and stats sorted by nation. Guess which two countries are towards the bottom? US and Japan.

What are the best yoga stretches for runners?

Funny: The five most awkward massages.

Hey Jersey-ites: I’d recommend avoiding this race.


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