Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, April 25

iRunFar’s The Week in Running: All the trail and ultramarathon results one can handle. More notes on Canyons in a sec, but hey, what a week for global events!

The LetsRun MENSA Team weighs in on Canyons and specifically Sage’s performance.

RunSpirited: Henry highlights Jacky Hunt-Broersma’s quest for the ultimate running streak…one that she’ll hopefully beat this week. Absolutely incredible performance.

Sanya Sorokin does it again! Not content with just the 12, 24, and 100 mile world records, the 40 year old Lithuanian is now the 100k world record holder too, having just clocked a 6:05 (that’s 5:44/mile if you’re counting) in the UK.

If you’re like me, you see your Strava data and only really notice the time, distance, and maybe pace. Mark Agnew (SCMP) offers up some more ideas on what to do with all that data.

If you missed TrailGangstaz’ Canyons prediction rap, be sure to check it out here. Very well done. “Legs like pillars” gets me every time.

If you like gusto and cockalorum, HS 800m runner Cade Flatt is your guy.

BBC: Another elite female athlete killed in Kenya. That’s two this year, what’s going on?

We have different sporting relationships with our kids, but I really like Gordo Bryn’s approach to a summer training program for fit kids and teens.

Quick takes on Canyons this weekend:

  • I was at the 25k finish and saw all the runners come through that section.  Highlights from that include Dakota Jones (in all black, Tyson style) dominating the 50k race, with a nine minute lead on speedy Mario Mendoza. Dude was on fire.
  • Jazmine Lowther is still a new name to me, and I feel like most people said “wait, who’s that?!?” as she jetted through the aid station. What a race she had though!
  • Emkay Sullivan won the 25k by FORTY minutes. She won Way Too Cool in March and will be a dominant national force if she ups her distances a bit. Fun fact: Emkay is the men’s XC coach at University of Nevada at Reno.
  • Adam Peterman’s win solidifies my theory on MUT racing: Never, ever, ever bet against a steepler in a trail ultra. Those people know how to push.
  • The race has grown…a lot. What was once an intimate–albeit stacked–race in the mountains now resembles a big city marathon or European trail festival. Tons of people, race staff brought in from out of town, and lots and lots and lots of branding.
  • Apologies if you didn’t hear your name called in the 25k or 50k. Many of the chips weren’t working so we were flying blind.
  • Weather was perfect! Cold in the morning and night, but both Sunny and I came home with sunburns.
  • I ran into old friends and finally connected with those I’d never met in person. Nice seeing everyone!
  • WIth the announcement that there’ll be a 100 mile option next year, this event has even more growth in its future. Stay tuned.



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