Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 1

iRunFar’s Week in Running: Justin lays down all the ultramarathon and trail racing events from this past weekend.

You’ll want to check out Biel Rafol’s great footage of Gabirela Lasalle cruising up and over the terrain in beautiful Andorra. I’ve run those trails and let me tell ya, Andorra is an amazing country with incredible outdoor activities. If you get a chance to visit, I’d highly recommend it, but…beware that horse meat is often on the menu.

 A couple tips for developing athletic talent in kids.

Amy Sproston set out on an AT FKT attempt last week (south-north, unsupported/ solo), but I don’t see it tracked on the fastestknowntime site any more. Is she still on the trail?

A look at the Engineer’s Pass aid station at Hardrock 100.

Kevin Beck offers his analysis of the Ashely Paulson/Badwater dilemma.

In the United States, life expectancy, incredibly, is falling—due, at least in part, to the resolutely sedentary nature of the American population. We need to start laying down better habits of physical activity fast. So is there a solution? I think there is. And it involves high school cross country.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Modest Proposal.

Sarah’s report from her run at High Lonesome 100 starts with comparisons to childbirth and includes her daughter Colly as her pacer. Looking forward to part two!

I love seeing pro runners dive into other sports and that’s exactly what Ryan Ghelfi did after an injury last year. In this piece, he writes about how and why he got into gravel bike racing.

Monday Funny: Western States finisher beginning think that no one will ever ask about his belt buckle.

Sorry about last week’s lack of updates. I was away on vacation with my entire family on Catalina Island enjoying the sun and ocean. On the first day of our trip, my son Van (10) fell on the boat and knocked out his front tooth (the whole damn thing, root and all) and bit thru his lip and here’s my free emergency dental advice: If you knock out a tooth, you have a very, very small window of time in which to reimplant that tooth. It’s gonna be painful and gory, but you need to get that tooth all the way up in the “socket.”  (To note, we didn’t have that knowledge.) He’s good now, but will need a root canal and additional orthodontia and now has a special souvenir on his chin. Yay kids!

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