Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Aug 1

Ultramarathon Daily News, Aug 1 – Holy Crap it’s August Already???

Interesting: Skurka’s notes from running/camping the Glacier Divide Route. Here’s our interview with him from last year.

The event photography business is changing, but it’s off to a rough start if the photogs aren’t getting paid.

Six unusual UK mountain hiking/running trails.

The most telling quote from the “How fast could Usain Bolt run a mile” discussion, was the admission by LetsRun founder Robert Johnson that the posters on the site “have no idea what they are talking about.”

Big thanks to Kurt and Tropical John for guest-editing the URP Daily News while I was out. I’m pretty protective of this little site, and they did a great job setting the conversation for the day. Thanks, fellas.

My wife and I went to Mammoth Lakes (sans kids!) and we hiked/ran up past 10,400 on Mammoth Crest Trail, and she finally “got it.”  After a decade of barely dabbling in running, she bombed down technical single track and was giddy with excitement.  This.  This is a game changer and I’m anxious for the future.

ultramarathon mammoth
Mammoth Crest Trail. I can’t work PhotoShop, so I resort to running around the camera for pano shots.

American 50k record holder Josh Cox describes what it’s like to be on The Bachelorette.

This might be my favorite race report of the year, and it’s from a measly 3 miler in Alaska; Julia’s first time at Mount Marathon is an excellent read.

Speaking of short races, this 17 year old Canadian just won probably the toughest and steepest 400 meter race in the world.

…and speaking of Canada, a new Beer Mile record was set last week.  4:39. Oh, Canada.  Same guy lowers record to 4:34 four days later. Dayum.  What’s in your poutine?

Part of me is drawn to the idea of Tentrr, but the other half thinks it’s for wealthy lazy people who don’t want to pitch their own damn tent or hike into a decent spot. You?

Speaking of camping, awesome hammocks are only as good as the trees you have from which to hang them. Am I right?

Five Peaks’ Trail Stoke event in Canada later this month understand their audience: Cash awards for winners and custom growlers for those  competing all the distances. Awesome!

Pete Kostelnik won Badwater, and now he’s gearing up to run across the country. My advice: Keep copious GPS data and share it all immediately.

NYT: Do compression sleeves help with muscle recovery?

I always like Sabrina’s updates.  Congrats on the new teams(s)!

Justin/IRF’s weekend in review, including Camille Herron’s first win in a trail ultramarathon.

Did you catch our latest interview with Michele Graglia from last week? Sarah and I interviewed him last year after his transition from underwear model to trail runner was complete, and in this recent interview, we hear about the extreme adventures he’s been taking on this year.

Hey, it’s OK to suck.

Boulderites! Remember…this weekend! Let’s hang out.

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