Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 10

ultrarunning: Candace Burt’s Tahoe Rim Trail FKT.

TrailSisters: Running with dogs and strollers.

semi-rad: Brendan breaks down running into its simplest forms. Excellent!

iRunFar: Mock gives us an update on Chris Mocko. I’d been wondering what happened to The Mocko Show and that long-sought Nike sponsorship. Sounds like he’s doing well and working hard.

SCMP: What type of masks are HK-based trail runners using while they train? (Please note, this is not an invitation for mask rage.)

Monday Funny: Insecure bear wants to maul runner, but worries he’ll screw it up.

Bummer: Courtney pulls the plug on the Colorado Trail FKT with acute bronchitis. But holy hell, what a run!
…in more FKT news, Sabrina Stanley is still out on Nolan’s. Here’s her live tracking.

Book! I (er, Sunny, I guess) recieved a copy of Girls Running: All You Need to Strive, Thrive, and Run Your Best (affiliate link), a new book written by Melody Fairchild and Elizabeth Carey. Sunny dove right in. It talks about training and diet, periods, parents, teammates and more. Sunny’s 11 and is probably on the younger side of the intended audience, but she’s loving it.

I spoke with the incredible Pam Reed last week and will release the new episode today, along with a comprehensive gear review from Ben and a commentary on URP. Stay tuned.

SCMP: Looks like we should keep an eye on this top Russian.

The London Marathon will be an elites-only event. I’m curious how many of you/us would be interested and/or excited to watch an MUT race with a similar format? (Count me in the “hell yes!” category.)

Adventure Journal: Does being near a waterfall make you happy? Science says “yep.”

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