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A thorough look at PEDs in ultrarunning. Anxious to read the rest of the series.

Did you know that Bob Becker (RD of Keys Ultra) just finished the Badwater double? That’s 292 miles in Death Valley. Oldest finisher to date was 58 years old until Bob finished last week at seventy years old. Wow! h/t to Scott J for pointing out that awesome feat!

Wow: Woman runs marathon with menstrual blood flowing down her leg…on purpose. And for a cause.

“I WOULD prefer to die running an ultramarathon than sitting on the sofa worrying about things that will kill me.”

“Alrighty, then,” said God.

I’ve been open about my man-crush on Nick Symonds and his willingness to fight for athletes’ rights. Rather than being forced to wear an opposing sponsor’s kit off the track and out of competition, Nick dared the USATF to not let him run Worlds next year in Bejiing. Last night they made the decision and now our top 800m runner won’t be running for the US.  In short, Nike completely owns the USATF, the USATF has no balls whatsoever, and Nick Symonds is seemingly the only pro T&F athlete out there willing to put up a good fight. Here’s some more back story, before the decision was made.  How does this relate to MUT running? It doesn’t, unless you fall into the camp of wanting a governing body to cover all of the sport.

Read this too, about how Nike once was the trans-sponsor promoter of T&F and how it’s made a complete 180.

…and here’s Tony Reavis’ calm and well-reasoned response.

…and Brooks running has announced that Nick will be paid his World’s bonus “as he won USATF champs and deserves it.” #letnickrun

Hand-picked results from this weekend: Justin’s Week in Running will catch you up on what went down.

The most influential women in sport.  As is often the case, “most influential” does not translate to “most popular” and this list seems to show that.  Who are the most influential women in MUT running?

Naked runner causes 6 car pileup. 

From the Did I Just See That file: A Reebok Pump commercial showing running shoes.

A financial newspaper asks a rock star about podcasts, and he mentions URP. Awesome! Thanks Ben!

Inov-8 is now owned by a Japanese company.

Have you had luck with acupuncture?  Though this piece (NFI) seems like an ad for the clinic, there’s some interesting info to be had.

Fascinating story about the first guys to ever climb Mont Blanc. Of course, it includes a gourd full of brandy, crystals, and healthy cash wager.

Elite marathoner Liliya Shobukhova busted for steroids.

Interesting: This neighborhood banned cars for a month…and the people loved it.

Personal note: Sorry about inconsistencies last week. I had a set back on Thursday and spent some time at docs with chest pain. Nothing to worry about. I’ll find out more tomorrow.

Stay tuned for a new podcast early this week!

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