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Ultramarathon results: Justin’s Week in Running. A few of my observations: Bummer about Walmsley’s mishap.  I hope the WS monkey gets off his back.  Also, is Keely Henninger Keira’s daughter? I’ve always assumed she was.  And whoa, I didn’t realize Max King is running Leadville this year. Cool.

I was reading this article on “the gray area of doping” but can’t seem to get past Viagra, which is apparently used in competition.  Am I missing something? How…what….wait…huh?  This seems like an AWFUL (though potentially hysterical) idea.

California’s best backpacking trips running trails.   Or wow, you might want to instead hike run the French Riviera’s trails.

…and another reason California sucks: Bill that would have exempted Olympic medal-winners from additional taxes dies in committee.

Speedgoat Karl’s AT update: Day seven.

I found a “Goldmine Lager Beer” on my run yesterday. It was hot out and the beer was warm, so I packed it away for later.  Popped it in the fridge, and had it with ribs last night.  Cheap and awful, but not bad.

Why triathletes should go trail running. (But please don’t act like wankers.)

NYT: Taking sports to the extreme. Not sure where ultramarathon/trail running fits into this equation.

Read this: Devon ties her new pink mohawk into the smart decision to take a DNS at a big race.

On the heels of the “posting workouts to social media is lame” article from last week, Scott responds in kind.

Industry news: Interesting how trends affect running specialty retail and where we are today.

Late and short news today: Caught the bug from my kids and I’m doped up on TheraFlu.

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