Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 16

iRunFar/TWIR: US Mountain Running Champs, Bigfoot 200, a bunch of international races and more.  My takes: Not a huge surprise that Grayson Murphy and Joe Gray won…they’re both phenomenal sub-ultra mountain runners. Big congrats. Also from that race…Tyler McCandless finished 10th. Dude’s got a 2:13 marathon, intense job as a machine learning data scientist, and a wife and young kid at home. More on the Mountain Running Champs here. And from the Quebec Mega Trail, Reid Coolsaet (also a dad!) won the men’s division in his ultramarathon debut while adding ~10k after an early race wrong turn. Very very anxious to see more of this quick Canuck.

Dipsea registration is this Friday. Mark your calendars. Not the right race for me, but Sunny is going to enter for the first time. Girl loves technical terrain and with her age and sex fitting into the handicap system nicely, this’ll be fun to watch.

“I’m at a point right now, where I really don’t care about longevity,” he says. “I’m here to break world records for as little or as long as I can. I want to be the first person to go under 11 (hours).”

Taggart VanEtten sits down with Henry from RunSpirited to talk about his goals and running philosophy.

NYT Video: Can a trans woman like me compete fairly?

Stephanie Case has dedicated a considerable part of her life (and safety) to encouraging, empowering, and organizing running programs for girls and women in Afghanistan. Now with the horrific situation going on in the country, the emphasis on protecting them is at its apex. Read more here.

Good people: Olympic silver medalist (javelin) auctions off her medal and will donate money to help a sick boy.

NYT: Many athletes on the US Paralympics Team need to travel with support due to physical or intellectual disabilities. Unfortunately, the USOPC is being unclear and unfair with the definitions of essential personnel, reflecting a persistent misunderstanding of what constitutes equitable treatment of disabled athletes.

What happens when you train and show up to run the Olympic Marathon and you get menstrual cramps during the race? More here. (And yes, yet another reason biological women deserve their own division.)

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