Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Aug 17

Looking to plan a winter vacation where the trails will be still be warm and dry? Look no further.

Lululemon beer is brewing a beer as a way to help gain foothold into the mens market. What do you think?

Walking in ultras. Does is make you soft, or is it an essential part of finishing the race?

Here’s a race report from Elkhorn 50, but it’s chock full of solid ultra tips, including this:

When passing someone, ask yourself “are they slow, or am I dumb?

Some football player returning his son’s participation trophies until he goes out and earns ’em his own damn self.

My favorite runner to watch, and a real pro at helping grow the sport: In depth interview with Max King. Here’s our interview with him from a few years ago.

Cory does some recon on the Wasatch course and concludes that he may in fact die during the race.

Short news day. What did I miss?


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