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Eric here. First, a huge thanks to the great Daily News team who kept the site going while I was away. Brad, Laura, Clint, Jay, Pete, Grant, Majell, and Sean…Thank You so much for allowing me to relax and not stress about whether the site would fall apart. I appreciate the heck out of it. Please everyone, take a moment and give the a round of applause.

I’ve got lots to talk about, but best to wait until I record next to reflect on my experience watching the Tour de France, what happened at Ultra Trail Andorra, and whether or not I’ll ever attempt a five week holiday again.

Seems a few big stories broke open while I was away: Doping at Siera Zinal, claims of racism at SD100, eating disorders and the media, and a few others. I believe the second topic will be something we’ll unfortunately hear a lot more of this week. Stay tuned.

Rules are rules? Athletics Ireland struggles to find right decision with blind runner who’s qualified for World 24 Hour Championships. No pacers/guides are allowed per IAAF rules, but she requires a guide runner to compete. I understand both sides and am happy I’m not asked to make the decision.

Mr Trail Safety: Uncle Larry discusses the Tarahumara’s influence–and timeline–with ultramarathons in the US.

iRunFar/Justin: All the trail and ultramarathon results from the weekend. Damn, Magda at Leadville! And nice to see Mocko come out on top at Squamish! Great round up as always.

Add this:

Wait, is this motodoping for runners? How in the world will this tech be addressed?

The third trimester is when I really felt the wheels come off during my pregnancy and I had to change my mental approach to being active. The size of my belly increased quickly (sometimes it felt like overnight!) and I started to gain weight more readily. For the first time in my life, I felt like an alien in my own body. As a competitive runner, I struggled with an eating disorder for most of my college years. The third trimester of my pregnancy was the first time since my recovery that my issues with body image truly resurfaced.

Devyn’s take on running through pregnancy.

Podium Runner: A list of the great urban hills in each major US city. I. love this idea, especially for travelers who don’t have a ton of time. But wait…no Sacramento? ( My advice: Either drive 30min to Auburn and go nuts, or I’ll see ya at the Hazel Bluffs near Lake Natoma.) What other cities should be added?

WSJ: Inaugural women-only sporting event in NY fails to draw crowds. Why? What needs to change to increase participation and/or viewership? Or is this type of event ever going to work?

Trails and Tarmac: Most of us stick to established trails on routes we know well. But what happens when you’re looking to tackle a bit route and we’re not familiar with the area. Ryan writes about planning and executing big runs using technology.

And then there’s this guy who tried to hike/run across Wales in a straight line. Love the idea!

Stephanie Case: If you haven’t read her report from Ronda dels Cims, do so now. She tells a great story of sleep deprivation, vomiting, getting slapped by volunteers, and what else goes on during two nights of running. She also comments and asks about where the rest of the women were and starts a good conversation.

Wyatt Hornsby: Especially while getting older, what’s more important in training, quality or quantity? And how important is rest?

Trail Plodder: A trail race on an active military site in Finland. Pictures not allowed, but gunfire permitted.

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