Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Aug 22

Ultramarathon, Trail, and Endurance Sports Daily News, Mon, Aug 22

While it may not be an FKT, this 93yo WW2 vet just completed his run across the entire US of A.  Respect.

While testing mechanisms are not yet in place, Ethan analyses the new North Face Endurance Challenge doping policy and gives it a thumbs up.

“I’ve often said that, for me, there are two groups of sports: sports that have a doping problem and are doing something about it – and I believe we’re (cycling) in amongst the leaders in those – and sports that have a doping problem and are in denial and are not doing anywhere near enough about it,”

Read this too: Unlike other sports, cycling is open about their doping problem and are actively fighting it.

Here’s Justin/IRF’s week in review. Waldo, Leadville, Pike’s Peak, Ultravasan, Squamish…big weekend in the ultramarathon world.

Is sushi healthy? What about granola? Here’s where Americans and nutritionists disagree.

While I’ve got my own opinion on public lands (less government interference is always better), Ian Torrence does a great job explaining the web of agencies, statutes, and rules involved.

In case you find yourself on the island of Mauritius and are looking for trails, this guy did most of the discovery work.

This story is about rowing, but the attitude and feelings expressed could easily be about runners talking about ultramarathons.

While Sarah has been glamping in Telluride, she’s also been getting in some awesome training and racing. Here are seven things she’s (re)learned about trail running in the mountains.

…while Addie uses trail running at altitude as a metaphor for her life.  Here’s her most recent blog post where she comes down from the fog…and out of the closet.

Speedgoat Karl’s Appalachian Trail update: Days 8-14.

Olympic withdrawals:  Overall, a good two weeks of sport.  Yeah, Rule 40 sucked, doping was on display, and it seemed there were more DQs than usual, but it certainly was an exciting few weeks of events–especially for American mid/long distance running.  Best part: Rupp’s hat(s) has its own twitter account.

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