Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 23

So how about Leadville?!? Not sure if the folks newer to the sport were as excited as I was, but holy cow, watching Anton, Ian, and Flaherty (not to mention Nick Clark pacing eventual winner Adrian Macdonald!) all duking it out brought me back to a decade ago and made everything feel….right! Big thanks to Treeline Journal and to Billy Yang for providing updates throughout the day.

Here’s a great way to start your Monday: Spanish runner Nuria Gil descending some gorgeous single track at Sierre Zinal on what is quickly becoming my favorite trail running YouTube channel. No overly dramatic music, no fancy editing, just raw running.

Seriously, fu*k this: Seattle park is so overrun with bums and junkies that the City has denied over a dozen youth XC teams permits to practice there. This is crazy.

There were other races this past weekend (including Pike’s Peak), but let’s face it, all eyes in the US were on Leadville.

Speaking of Leadville:

Kevin Beck writes about how much of the progressive running media is supportive of DSD athletes, it’s up to biological women to advocate for themselves and fight for fairness in athletics. Agree or disagree with him, Kevin make some excellent points.

Imagine playing 18 holes, shooting one under par, and running the whole damn thing…that’s exactly what Lauren Cupps did to set a new Speedgolf world record.

Has anyone tried the NA Guinness stout yet?

Another Kenyan marathoner busted for testosterone doping.

SCMP: China will have far, far less representation at UTMB this year due to ‘Rona quarantine requirements.

Heading down to Disneyland this week. Wish me luck. Feels like I’m preparing for a 200 miler with the amount of planning, gear, maps, and schedules we’re taking.

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