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SCMP: I love this idea. The RD sets a trail ultramarathon course and gives participants a two day window in which to complete it and upload their time. Fastest time wins. Are any RDs using this format stateside?

Fast Running: An excellent first-hand account of Dan Lawson’s (571 mi 6 day PR) run on the historic route from crew member (and former GB 24 hr team member) Robbie Britton. 

Usain Bolt has the ‘rona.

The recent Joe Rogan podcast with David Blaine really got me thinking about Blaine as an endurance athlete. Aside from the magic and illusions, the dude has incredible endurance, trains like a madman, is pretty damned adept at sleep deprivation, and has some superhuman control over his body. I’d love to see what he could do in a Last Man Standing format event.

Seth DeMoor and Brittany Charboneau win Pike’s Peak Marathon in Colorado. Full results here. Both Seth and Brittany are famous for their hard work and training and it paid off!

Also on Pike’s Peak…Of all the MUT records on the North American continent, Matt Carpenter‘s 1996 win is, in my opinion, the stoutest. Just a minute over two hours to reach the halfway summit (ayyy!) then a screaming fast 75 minutes back down to the start for a record 3:16:39. (Kilian made an attempt at it and missed by 11 minutes last year.)
Meanwhile, Maude Mathis’ CR set last year bests the 2nd fastest (Megan Kimmell) by 13 minutes. Daaaang.

Monday Funny: Number of running podcasts surpasses number of actual runners.

Dunkaroos flavored beer? Good God, America. What has happened to you?

I assume “Extreme Adventure Junkies” gets the clicks, but these are good lessons shared by anyone pushing themselves in endurance events.

I’m entering my first race of the year! Twenty two miles, across Lake Tahoe on a paddleboard. I have no idea if I’m any good, but I’m putting in about 12 hours a week of solid training and feel confident at about 15 miles. I’ll likely get my butt handed to me, but gotta start someplace, right? Anyone ever done this race–or one similar–before? Tips or advice? Anyone want to join me?

CNN: Trail runner Trevor Murphy attempts to stomp out forest fire while training for a hundred miler. Dude’s got hair that would make Tim Tollefson jealous, am I right?

Damian Hall vs John Kelly: The rivalry we didn’t know we needed.

I’ve spoken to a few people with inside knowledge at California International Marathon (CIM), and they’re NOT giving up on the race. Sacramento Running Association (group that organizes the event) is doing everything necessary to make sure we can race on the first Sunday in December by limiting relays and having a staggered start over two hours. At this point I have no idea what’ll happen next week let alone in three and a half months, but my fingers and toes are crossed. One thing’s for sure…if the race gets the green lights, there’ll be some serious pent up competition racing through my hometown! (And oh sh*t, I’d better start training!)

Treeline Journal: I mentioned last week that Alyssa Godesky and Sarah Keyes were attempting solo FKTs on the 46 Adirdonack High Peaks at the same time. Here’s a better description of the challenge with updated results at the bottom.

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