Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Aug 24

Three things runners with low sex drive should try before “female Viagra.”

Oz ran a 5:25 50 miler, a 2:23 marathon, and here he is on the Today Show blowing peoples minds.

Here’s our latest groupthink review for the Altra Paradigm 1.5.

Science: Stop eating salad.  (Next week’s preview: Eat more salad.)

Here’s Justin’s thorough rundown of this weekend’s results. Except that he missed the Beer Mile World Championships in San Francisco. Canada dominated the men’s race, while the US ladies took first.  Men’s overall winner (Canadian Lewis Kent) ran a 5:07, while women’s overall Caitlin Judd (US) clocked a 6:48.  Elite ultramarathoner, though sub-elite beer miler Alex Varner performed well with a 6:45  Elite Aussie Josh Harris clocked a 7 flat with a penalty lap. More results here.  Still on the DL for competition, I watched and took pics and drank a tremendous amount of beer.  #work

Elite field at World Championship Beer Mile
Elite field at World Championship Beer Mile

Ian Sharman and Liza Howard won their respective races at Leadville this weekend.  Here’s more on how different runners attack a race on their own terms.

Here’s Ian’ report from his Leadville win.

If you’re interested in the PED debate in Track and Field, read this informative piece from David Epstein: Why it’s so hard to catch cheaters.

Here are some defenses to the current paleo-hating trend.

How to run more consistently in four easy steps.

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