Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 26

iRunFar: Trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend, courtesy of Justin Mock at iRunFar. A few thoughts:
–I wish Matt Carpenter were still racing at the top today. He’s the only MUT. runner I know of with a higher VO2max than Kilian and seeing them head to head would be incredible. (Matt’s has been measured as high as 94.9, a few points above KJ’s.)
-Zach Bitter’s new 100 mile world record. It looks like they’re still trying to figure out if it’s considered road or track, but it doesn’t matter…Zach clicked off 100 miles at 6:47 pace with negative splits AND broke his own 12 hour record. More on that below.
-Maude Mathys’ (winner of Pike’s women’s race) story about banned drug use is one we need to learn from: Rules are there for a reason and need to be applied the same to everyone, regardless of intent. The #cleansport discussion is pointless without massive TUE reform.
-Nice to see Sage do so well. I know he’s been working hard and this must feel great!
Yitka wins Cascade Crest 100! Fantastic!

100m fast guy Christian Coleman is at jeopardy of missing the Olympics unless he gets his out-of-comp testing schedule in order.

George Zack has some good insight on Pike’s Peak right this way.

Here’s some preliminary numbers crunching from Zach’s world record:

RunSpirited: Henry catches up with Michele Yates while deals with continuing hip/bone issues. Here’s our chat with her from last year.

Meet some of DC’s race directors.

CNN: What a great story about an equestrian who won Tevis Cup this year. She’s 18 and did it on a horse she got for free off Craigslist.
Lots of lessons in here, folks.

Dark, dark humor from The Onion

The WMRA youth race in Italy shows how important each member of the team is to success. While the girls hit the podium, the boys were 4 points off third place. Looks like a great event!

So what did ya think of my commentary at the end of Zach Violett’s episode regarding HOKA’s decision to stop sponsoring San Diego 100 because of the claims of racism from a few weeks ago? Here’s Let’s Run trying to make sense of it. My take? I think it’s a bad, bad move that shows zero backbone or real support for the community. You?

This ad popped up on a sidebar and it caught my eye. It’d make a pretty cool race shirt, don’t you think?

Business: I’d love to know how run specialty store owners/managers feel about this new delivery program. Anyone?

Job opening: Want to coach MUT runners with Koop and CTS? More info at the link.

Apparently it’s National Dog Day? Well, we got a new puppy late last week. Great dog, except his schedule is flipped upside down…sleeps all day and up all night. Woof.
If yours is awake, here are some great adventures to take with your pooch, courtesy of NatGeo.

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