Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Aug 3 — SCOTTY EDITION!

Yep, Scotty Sandow here. Eric is laid out with kidney stone the size of Devil’s Thumb, so he gave me the keys to URP while he is recovering. Get well soon, Eric. Please send beer in lieu of cards, flowers and chocolate. ~ Thank you.

And now, on to the news…

Trail race + photographer + guy in gorilla suit = hilarity.
Take a look at the Facebook pics after you read the story.

Have you heard of distance hiker, Trevor Thomas, AKA, Zero Zero? He hiking The Colorado Trail – and he’s blind. He also has the most amazing K9 companion.

Congrats all AC100 runners, pacer, crew. Time to give some props to all the amazing volunteers who aided the runners. Check out this time-lapse video of Shortcut Saddle Aid Station being set-up and operating. Way to go volunteers!!!

FOX News has a take on HOKAS? Whaaaa? I’m sure there is controversy somewhere in the article. Please send all complaints to the URP admin. 🙂

Ladies, you’ve been called out by one of your own. Female ultra runner in Edmonton destroys competition the annual Canadian Death Race 125k, and says, “This should be our sport.”

Okay Austin, TX – now you’re just showing off. You can add the newly added Austin Ragnar race to my Things To Do In Austin List, which is about a mile long.

USL.tv drops preview trailer of their upcoming documentary This Is Your Day. Featuring Rob Krar, Karl Hoagland and Caroline Boller – this film looks amazing and deeply personal.  I can’t wait to see it – own it.

Colorado’s David Staley  breaks world record for distance run on a treadmill – that’s 81.62 miles in 12 hours. (Video & Story)

Dear Baxter director Jensen Bissell – you are an ignoramous of the highest caliber. Apparently, inspiration, imagination and common good does not reside in your heart or soul. Signed, Everyone

Leaked blood tests reveal massive doping suspicious in distance running.

I’m sure you don’t need to know the 5 Running Mistakes Beginners Make – but just in case.

BTW – I’m heading out to Boulder, CO Aug 8-16 – Looking for places to run and people to run with — drink beer with. 🙂 Friend me on Facebook and let me know if you are interested in showing California boy the wonders of Colorado. Oh, I’m signed up for the Pearl Street Mile. Can’t wait!

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