Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 31

With little training, Ryan Hall is taking his first crack at an ultramarathon next month. Stoked to see how he does.

The trail running scene’s answer to the Vaporfly: The North Face VECTIV, compete with a carbon propulsion plate.

Ack! Hey BC trail runners, heed the warning and keep an eye out for overly friendly bears.

NYT: Is is really naked running if you’re in a sports bra? (My answer: Nope.)

iRunFar: What’s been going on with Alex Varner? Lots actually, but it hasn’t all been focused on training. (And I agree on the car…So does Doug.)

ultrarunning: Got it. So what makes a good race director depends at least partially on whether they agree with your view on social/political/environmental issues.

Monday funny: BUFF enters the condom market.

Camille Herron is pretty pleased with her running and accomplishments.

Awful: Former Comrades champ Nick Bester beaten, robbed, stripped naked, tied, up, and left for dead while training in South Africa.

Corless: With another top ultra trail runner taking a break with symptoms, Ian writes about the dangers of RED-S syndrome. Take it easy out there folks!

Liz “Mercury” Anjos just clocked the second fastest AT thru hike (and fastest NB) and has some cool notes and comments from her experience.

SCMP: Pau Capell attempted a solo sub 20 on the UTMB course and got pretty close to breaking it.

I’ve spoken a few times about my upcoming paddleboard race across Lake Tahoe. It’d be biting off a bit more than I’m comfortable with (I’ve never raced and this one is 22 miles in rough water) but have been training really hard and was excited for the challenge. After my experience yesterday, it seems like it won’t be happening. Boooo! The group that puts it on is derelict in basic functions and the registration is apparently too low. Dangit. Looking to compete in something/anything right now! Agh!

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