Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Aug 31

My favorite running writer discusses something I’ve often wondered about. Why, when I’m running consistently well, do I stop dreaming in my sleep?  Same with you?

Justin’s excellent weekend race round up is right here.

Looks like Jurek’s AT party may end up in court. Lame.  For those who’ve done it, is it really this bad?  From this NYT piece, the Park is considering rerouting the AT away from their neck of the woods.

Did you catch the latest podcast with Sarah and I?  We hadn’t caught up in a while and basically recorded a phonecall, describing our recent health maladies in depth (both of which MUT runners are at heightened risk of), how I put together these pages each morning, our thoughts on UTMB (boy, was I wrong!), and how Sarah is preparing for Wasatch (ice cream and wine.)

It’s not too often that a long-course ultramarathon has an exciting finish, but that’s exactly what happened at UTMB. I was up at 3am watching the Laney’s incredible surge, while Seth stayed strong.  Darcy and Stephanie seemed to be together, then Steph seemed to bonk at an aid station and people feared her DNF. Darcy finished strong and Stephanie persevered to grab a top ten. Meghan has an excellent breakdown here.  Most impressive performance for me? Laney.  Second would be to Dom Grossman for finishing the race, then getting down on one knee and making an honest woman out of Katie. Congratulations!

In the 101k UTMB CCC, Zach Miller finished like a beast, with Tim Tollefsen taking a strong second. Magda Boulet finished second for the ladies. Awesome!

Flipside: Here’s the analysis of UTMB and Nike from the LetsRun MENSA team. I wish there were some type of AshleyMadison-type hack where all the posters were exposed.

Meanwhile, Beat and friends are racing the gnarly Petite Trotte à Léon in Chamonix, with no one actually certain if the event can be completed in the allotted time.  Here’s Jill’s excellent post. Makes the UTMB look pretty easy, huh?

If you’re one of those people who’ve run one marathon and now want to immediately run a hundred, here’s your new inspiration.

USATF 50k championships were on Saturday in Marin.  Here’s David Roche’s (3rd OA) account, and here’s Jean Pommier’s.

This guy is walking 1800 miles across Madagascar looking for a damn lemur.  And by this math, he’s going to live forever.

You’ve already got the gear for this easy workout that’ll help your form.

And in sad news, the MUT world lost Akabill Molmen this weekend. Still not clear on details of his passing, but he was a fixture at many West Coast events and a permanent member of the HURT family.  If you’ve got one of his amulets, wear it.

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