Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 7

Tons of ultramarathon, trail, and Skyrun results from around the world, courtesy of Justin/IRF. Lots of new names in there too!

It sounds like Hillary Allen took a pretty good wipeout at Tromsø Skyrace…here’s our interview with her from a few months ago. Heal up, Hill! 

Number one race on my bucket list: Mt Marathon. The world’s gnarliest 5k. 

Billy’s behind the scenes footage from Western States

I really like sandals a lot. I really don’t like $800 Birkenstocks a lot.

Are you one of the weirdos who pick up trash on the trails? If so, thank you.

I reported on this guy last week—-The Indian fella attempting to run 100k each day for 100 days. He came agonizingly close to completing his goal. Bummer, but dude, take care of yourself.

Go anywhere in the US with an abundance of young people–a shopping mall, Target, a county fair, a school, a beach–and you’ll know this to be true.


Happy Anniversary to JamJam and the Mountain Outhouse crew. One year of great content and some funky ass outfits.

ultramarathon scienceScience! Ten good reasons to keep running.

More on science: On my way back from my run yesterday I was listening to a radio interview with a scientist discussing genetic engineering, ethics, “super babies”, and more and it got me thinking about how the sports world will handle/tolerate GE athletes. There’s plenty written on the subject, but it really hit me that this is something we’ll be dealing with in ~20 years on a very real level and it’ll make the PED scandal look like child’s play.

Transcon: Marvelous Mimi Anderson (55) announced this morning that she’ll set on on Sept 7 to run from LA-NY for a Guinness record attempt. She’ll have GPS, pics, records, witnesses, and a film crew to document prove her run.

Did you hear our latest episode? I chat with Sarah Lavender Smith about what she learned at Speedgoat, how she adapted to pacing at Hardrock, what she saw at OR, and what advice she has for the Patreon crew.

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