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Trailrunner/Rom: The joys of small local ultramarathons and trail races.  Couldn’t agree more! Sure, the big races have their flash and excitement, but the intimacy of smaller races is really what makes me love this sport, perhaps because those are the races I started with 15 years ago. I’d be curious how those who started running in this new age of mega races feel about lesser “excitement” and not as much swag.

iRunFar/Mock: Justin runs down all of the results from this week’s ultramarathon and trail races. Lots of European races, but three names in Justin’s list stood out.

  • Sophia Laukli won a race in Norway, beating out Emelie Forsberg and others, and Sophia is still quite new to this sport. An Olympic XC skier, Sophia also bagged the win at Broken Arrow earlier this year.
  • Allie Maclaughlin, another incredible sub-ultra mountain runner and now the CR holder of my favorite race in the world, Mt Marathon. This past weekend, Allie won the Cirque Series in Snowbird. Like Sophia, Allie is one of the best at vert and is also one of the most humble people in the sport.
  • And Rob Krar! Yo! Haven’t see his name in awhile so it’s great to see he and his partner finishing second at Transrockies.

Adventure Journal: Alpinist Eric Shipton led an extraordinary life. He introduced Tenzing Norgay to climbing, bagged hundreds of peaks, and did it all with style. Such a fascinating life this guy led, it leads me wonder if there are still opportunities and adventures out there that allow this type of freedom and growth.

Anyone else think it’s…wierd?…that the whole Coconino Cowboys thing is just sorta gone and that the guys don’t race in the US anymore?

She is masochistically obsessed with the race, according to friends, who point to two surgeries on her shoulders; two procedures for Plantar fasciitis, which causes heel pain; and a plate inserted into her wrist.

She has finished the race 14 times, but not in over a decade. She sheepishly admits as much but is adamant that she is still kicking butt and, in her words, “taking names.” Her training log — an average of 80 miles a week — and an array of ultramarathon results back up her claims. “I learned to let go of ageism a long time ago,” she said, adding, “Without that race on my calendar, I don’t know what I’d do or who I’d be.

Great article in the NYT by Jared Beasley about 71 year old Marge Hickman who’s absolutely obsessed with finishing Leadville this year.

Newbury Park’s Young brothers are heading to Stanford while NB Coach Sean Brosnan heads to UCLA.  Also about Newbury Park…I was in line for ice cream on Catalina a few weeks ago and started talking with a guy near me. Where ya from? He’s from “near LA” and finally narrowed it down to Newbury Park, where his daughter attends high school at NBHS. I said “Wow, that’s the Sahlman brothers! The best XC team in history!” and started going on about my admiration for their program. He’d never heard of them and had no idea that the school had a XC team.

Last week I asked about Amy Sproston’s progress on her solo AT FKT attempt. Here’s the update.

Watch this: Kilian’s advice for non-elite runners on how to train and race faster.


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