Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Aug 8

Justin’s recap of ultra/trail results from the weekend.  Avery Collins’ Ouray report is nuts, but I’m curious, there were no female finishers at the race?

Awesome: High school XC team takes shelter dogs on training runs.

Ian’s recap of the Tromsko Skyrace.

I just know you’re curious how many yoga poses this guy can hold while riding a motorcycle.

The Paralympics Committee has bigger balls than the IOC.

Short news day.  I spent a few days in Boulder and had a great time.  Just got in last night.  Nice trails, good (looking) people, superb weather and tasty beer in that beautiful city. It was a pleasure meeting many of you at Matt’s show on Saturday. Jeff, Dave, Mike, Vicki, Adam, Cassie, Greg, Jeff, Matt, Will…I’m forgetting a ton of people. Thanks all for coming out.   I recorded the show thru the mixing board and it turned out great.  It’ll be up to Matt what to do with it. 🙂

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