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Weekend Recap: Results from this past weekend’s ultramarathon and trail running results, compiled by Ultrarunning Magazine’s Jeff Stern. Sounds like there was plenty of action at Desert Solstice!

Check our this new clip of Katie Schide causing along the Pyrenees during the UTMB Val d’Aran. I think I’d probably get a smile injury around the 1:25 mark. I can’t think of any other races having tunnels like that! Wow!

If you ever find yourself in Barcelona and need to head find the closest area for a trail run, Jean did the work for you and shares it right here.

A few more non-alcoholic beers you should try. Probably the easiest to find is the Heineken, but don’t worry. If you think the “regular” Heineken tastes like garbage, you’ll likely be surprised by the 0.0 version.

–The guy (Tate Dobson) who ran 32 miles around the roundabout last week wanted to balance things out, so he ran 38 miles in the opposite direction this past weekend.
(Widdershins: “Widdershins is a term meaning to go counter-clockwise, to go anti-clockwise, or to go lefthandwise, or to walk around an object by always keeping it on the left.”)

The three runners taking on the Western States/Hardrock double this year are a pretty accomplished group. Their stories are right this way.

I’ve written about cyclocross many times on these pages, as I see it as a sport similar to trail running. It’s got a more robust governing body than MUT running, but CX is still the funky little dirty cousin of the cycling world, similar to trail running and the USATF. CX riders also have a strong magnetic draw to mud and beer, much like our participants. Earlier this year, USA Cycling updated its transgender policies to include trans women who have met certain medical thresholds, similar to the new policies adopted by Western States.
This past weekend, the Cyclocross National Championships were held in Connecticut and–despite there being a non binary category and this sort of thing never happening–two of the top five elite women’s podium spots (Killips and Lingwood) were occupied by men.

I’m assuming the above paragraph will invite my inclusion onto the ghoulish “TERF Tracker” website.

Christmas presents for runners who love to read.

FreeTrail will be naming a Male and Female Trail Runner of the Year, voted on by everyone. Check it out right here.

Of all the countries in the world with great runners, my favorite to watch are the Norwegians. In true form, they swept the European XC Championships this past weekend with Ingerbrigsten and Grovel taking top honors.

Trailrunner Mag: Tips from lifelong runners on longevity.

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