Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Dec 12

Ultramarathon Daily News – Monday December 12

Holy cow, what a weekend for ultramarathon racing! Justin/IRF runs down the results and record right this way.  Caroline’s 50 miler at Brazos is currently my POY choice for the year and Brian Rusiecki has been on fire all year!

This is why I love reading Jean’s blog. This forty-something tech exec and father is dealing with some real injuries that have caused recent DNFs. This weekend, he goes out for a run to see if he can identify and tolerate the pain, and ends up running into a number of people along the way, with whom he stops to chat and takes selfies.  He stops at McDonald’s mid-run, eats a full lunch, checks his email, and his 50k time for the training run is 3:50.  Yep, I suppose he’s all healed up.  Bastard.

Sarah’s latest post: When her motivation to run or race wanes, she thinks of friends and the greater ultramarathon/trail community.

Hayden Hawks coming thru mile 18 with Zach Miller on his heels. NorthFace 2016.

Help wanted: Looking for two reviewers one reviewer. Female for garment review and male for trail shoe review (male must be size 12.)  Please have writing experience…reviews preferable.  
Email me here.

Phoebe Wright writes an excellent “what we want” response to USADA that makes a lot of sense and details some glaring conflicts of interest.  Now I wish she’d spend some ink (maybe she has and I haven’t seen it) blasting the conflicts of interest and public charges of her title sponsor Nike.

No ultramarathon content:  Perfect gift for the mustachioed, beer drinking hipster who doesn’t like his lip foliage getting wet.

How did I not notice that Adam Campbell is slated to run Hardrock next year? 

The new WADA report shows the amazing extent of the Russian doping scandal.  Over 1000 athletes in 30 sports.  How are they allowed to compete any more???

I too grew up surfing and bodyboarding and really like this analogy.  Apply it to racing and “toeing the line”? Sure.

A Barkley in France?  Article is in French, but translates well.

I like snowshoe running and I like yoga, but snowga? Stop. Please, just stop.

URP News: Three awesome interviews this week. 

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