Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Dec 13

IRF/Mock: All the results from ultramarathon and trail races this past weekend. I think I legitimately watched eight hours of Desert Solstice, with a full four hour block in the final hours Sunday morning. I was there a few years ago in person and really need to go back…definitely a neat experience.  This year, Camille popped a few records, Laney ran a quick 100, Pam set another AG record, but the real highlight for me was watching Nick Coury put on a clinic for pacing. He set out his goal right here to run negative splits and just about pulled it off.  Nick was metronomic in his lap splits…all right around 2:02 (Strava madness right this way), until the final few laps where he was running 6 min/mile pace to eclipse Mike Morton’s previous 24 hour record. Meanwhile, women’s 24 champ Marisa Lizak struggled in the final hours with her vision and while the cameras were on Nick, she was staggering and crawling on the track. Truly a heroic effort on her part.

RunSpirited: The 20 most inspirational ultramarathon runners of 2021. Great list!

Fun theoretical match up from LetsRun: Ritz, Rupp, Webb, Hall, and Solinsky, all at 17-18 yrs old. Do they beat Newbury Park top 5?

While runners are encouraged to enjoy the psychological benefits of trail running, trail surfaces do not appear to reduce loading forces associated with running-related injuries.

–Study finds trail running does not reduce your risk of injuries. Article here, scientific study here.

Trailrunner Mag/Garmire: What’s the reasonable thing to do immediately following your CDT thru-hike? Line up for (and, ahem, win) a 100 mile ultramarathon, right?  Near article that explores the relationship between thru hiking and ultrarunning.

Speaking of thru-hiking, Stringbean is working with some sponsors and fellow coaches to provide mentoring and “scholarships” for up and coming ultrarunners. More here from ATRA.

Looks like we’ll be getting more subjectively scored events in the Olympics. Booooo. Nothing against those activities in particular, but when I think of sporting competition, I think of objectively scored events. (oops, switched the terms and fixed them.)

Donald from ultrarunning Magazine hit up The Running Event (TRE) trade show earlier this month and has all the new shoe info you’re looking for.

The 2021 Leftovers Trail Race: Runners don’t know how long the race will be or anything about the terrain until the morning of the race and the swag is all leftovers (hence, the name) from previous races this year. Love the format. Great recap video Morgan!

Adventure Journal: Clip from a 2014’s Valley Uprising documentary that tells the story of a mysterious plane that crashed in Yosemite in the mid 1970s…both passengers/pilots were killed but the cargo–a couple hundred pounds of Colombian cannabis–were still on board. Climbers and adventurers heard about it and made the best of the situation.

Personal: Heading to Park City next week for five days. Any good snow shoe running trails I should know about? Thanks.


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