Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Dec 14

iRunFar: Among the lengthy list of things I can’t figure out (recent additions have included Pokemon and HTF batteries work), I’ll add the Hardrock lottery to the list. Congrats to all who got in.

What a finish at Desert Solstice! Newcomer Ryan Montgomery comes within about a half mile of catching Nick Coury while Marisa Lizak takes it for the ladies race. Full results here.

Adventure Journal: I’m planning on making my own paddleboard in the spring, so this article about making our own gear came at the perfect time! Anyone make anything cool?

WADA: No, the Rona vaccine isn’t going to trigger a positive PED test.

Guardian: New study shows trans women still retain 12% advantage two years after medical/chemical transitioning. Think of how important the 4% advantage was when Nike launched the Vapor Fly…now triple that.

Hats off to Sherpa John Lacroix’s HPRS for hosting a full calendar of safe trail and ultramarathon events during this crazy year. Very impressive.

SCMP: With nearly every square inch of the planet having been explored, what role do modern day explorers have in today’s society?

Adventure Journal: Why do so many of talk like bros when we’re outside? (Similar question: Why do so many of us talk like DBs on social media but are really cool in person?)

LetsRun: Damn! Jenna Hutchins breaks the girls prep record for 5k with a 15:34 on the track.

Ya know, Eliud Kipchoge, the fitness influencer?

I really like it and appreciate it when artists collaborate with others to make new music that blends styles and influences and of all the performers out there, Willie Nelson is my favorite. He’s worked with Norah Jones, Snoop Dogg, Paul Simon, the Highwaymen, etc, but this duet with Ray Charles is my favorite.

There’s no UROY or POY this year, but the contest for the best FKTs is a hot one! Check out the nominations here. How in the world did I miss David Ayala‘s unsupported Sierra High Route? Thirteen HOURS better than Leor’s best? Holy hell.

NBC: The USOPC will no longer sanction athletes for public demonstrations supporting racial or social justice causes at events.

I was a huge triathlon fan in the early 90s and competed in a few while in high school. Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Scott Molina, Scott Tinley put on some incredible shows of endurance and were my athletic heroes at the time. They’re meeting up for an event (wait, where’s Mike Pigg? He’s a Realtor in Humboldt?!?) and that got me thinking…If the same type of event happened in thirty years for MUT running, who’d be there repping the sport? Kilian, Courtney, Anton, ???

Outside/Hutch: Fascinating post about how pain thresholds, endurance activities, and the Placebo Effect intersect.

I don’t like snow and I only have a gravel/cx bike, but given the opportunity to convert it to a snowbike? Hell yes.

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