Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Dec 19

What happened in the trail and ultramarathon world this weekend? Here’s Ultrarunning Magazine’s recap of all that went down and here are iRunFar’s hot takes.

RunSpirited: The twenty most inspirational ultramarathon runners of 2022. How’d he do?

Climbing stud Alex Honnold talks about trail running and ultramarathons.

Ultramarathons meet Naked and Afraid. Eighty kilometers across Tanzania with no food, no water, and no supplies. Need food? Pick it or hunt it. More here.  I love the idea, especially the cultural/historical not to the Hamza tribe, but 80km isn’t quite long enogh to make it really interesting, is it?

Dude runs a 2:53 marathon on (in? which is it?) Antarctica, breaking the record set by Mike Wardian.

European XC champ (though a Kenyan native) busted for EPO.

CTS: The nine steps to success at Western States.

IOC updates transgender athlete policy. The new policy will, among other things and from what I’ve read, look at individual sports and what kind of advantage males have in those particular events. I’m still looking for a link to the actual changes (anyone?) so I can read them for myself.

You can now win Harry Potter toys at Canyons Endurance Run. 

Holy hell that World Cup match yesterday! I hate that it was decided on a PK, but what a game!!!

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