Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Dec 21

Zach Bitter broke his own American record for 100 miles yesterday at Desert Solstice with a time of 11:40:55…that’s 7:01 per mile if yer counting.  Check out the Strava porn right here and the video highlights here. Performance of the Year? I’d say so, but I’ve never been asked to vote.

…At the same time, Masters phenom Mark Ritchman set AG records for 20k (1:26:42), 25k, (1:48:22) 30k (2:09:41), 2 hours (pending measurement >17 miles), 20 miles (2:18:58) and 50k (3:34:35). But here’s the kicker: He also set a new WORLD age group record for 50k (3:34:35) and ran negative splits while doing so.

Here are some other results from this weekend, courtesy of Justin at IRF.

Three ways (besides running) to get happier and healthier in 2016. Yes, yes, and yes.

Competitor Magazine’s runners of the year, including ultra and trail folks.

Very interesting study on the “fastest” and optimal slope for uphill running.

Here’s a reason I’ll be sad to see Running Times go.  A compelling story about a sprinter who went from a poor kid to a HS standout. He then sold crack for a decade, but now he’s back demolishing any masters record that gets in his way.

Everyone’s got their own way of working out: Calculated, regimented, spontaneous, by feel, etc.  I’d think Zach Miller’s time at sea would be another great example: Treadmills for a few hours, then find the tallest mountain and run to the top.

While Scotsman Neil MacNicol was brought up “like a human sheepdog” that led to his ultra success years later.

Site news: Releasing a “Year in Review” podcast by tomorrow. Daily News will be spotty as we’re at mile 90 of our home renovation and can smell the barn! Time to work hard!

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