Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon Dec 6

Prominent names drawn in the Hardrock and Western States lotteries. HR100 is stacked! All eyes on Silverton next summer. 

Nice to see Jean Pommier running and writing again! Here’s his report from Quad Dipsea.

Anxious to watch this tonight: Dylan Bowman’s adventure from Grand Raid this past summer. Early reviews are all positive.

David Melly pointed it out regarding the USATF Half Marathon Championships, and I’ll offer the same criticism for the 100 Mile Trail Champs. The race (held at Brazos Bend on Saturday) championships was billed as the “2021 USATF 100 Mile Trail Championships” but there wasn’t one mention of it on USATF’s Twitter page. Yes, the USATF Mountain/Trail council lazily retweeted the results one time, but that was the extent of the governing body’s coverage of what’s supposed to be a major event. 

Fun stat: Both female winners of the USATF Half Marathon Champs (Keira D’Amato) and CIM (Sarah Vaughn) are moms and Realtors.

Hung out at mile 22 of the California International Marathon yesterday and had a blast. It was fun to see friends and ultra folks like Zach Bitter guiding a visually impaired runner, Adam Kimble leading a pace group, Brett Hornig, Anne-Marie Madden pushing hard (2:45, damn!) on flat pavement, Bev Abbs, Lindsay Tollefson with Tim on her heels, Jonathan Levitt (Host of For the Long Run podcast) walking it in with an injured girlfriend, Fernando De Samaniego Steta with a 2:32 finish and more.

Obsie Birru ran with the elite women and probably made a bunch of friends along the way. She sounds like an incredible person.

Speaking of big city marathons, I wish more of them offered a 50k option like Dallas has done for the past few years. 

Most of these debates have centered on supposed physical advantages that transgender runners–in particular, trans women–have in running events.

Trailrunner Mag: Running and fairness for trans athletes. Author advocates for self-ID, no hormone suppression, and doesn’t recognize the inherent physical advantage of male puberty.

Good read: Lize Brittin writes an emotional post about the loss of her friend and how one of her main coping mechanisms—running—is off limits right now as she recovers from surgery.  

Inspired by Hardrock, this Kiwi couple is launching what they hope to be one of the premiere 100 milers in the world in rural New Zealand. Looks beautiful and challenging.

This is what I needed on Monday Morning…a funky video of a NE “mountain bike” ride through the beautiful fall colors. h/t Adventure Journal.

Want to improve your workouts? Big Bootie Mixes may be what you need.

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