Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Dec 7

Last week you heard from newly-minted ultramarathon runner Sarah Biehl and how she did at JFK. This week, Henry chats with Rajpaul Pannu (link fixed) about his first ultramarathon, also at JFK. He’s got a fascinating life story and I get the feeling he’s really caught the trail running bug.

Yuki: Everyone’s favorite serial marathoner not named Mike ran his 99th sub 2:20 marathon yesterday. Simply astounding. He was way off his mark and didn’t win, but his record is phenomenal…that’s his 104th career marathon and all but five of them have been quicker than 2:20.

Trailrunner Mag: In defense of Kilian’s 24hr attempt. Fine, but can’t we agree–with good natured laughing–that making that attempt in Norway…at night…in November was a pretty lame idea?

World Athletics: New shoe rules. No, this is not a repost.

I hope we can all agree this is good: Prez Trump signed into law the Rodchenkov Anti Doping Act last week, which gives officials wide discretion to prosecute people who coordinate doping schemes at international sporting events.

I love baking with ginger and I know many of us depend on it during our long runs. Now there’s a ginger shortage because of Covid and Chinese harvests. Nooooo!!!

Hellgate 100k is coming up this weekend and I’m anxious to see how it goes. Anyone know if there’ll be any coverage at all? The women’s race is looking particularly intriguing (Speidel, Lingling, Patterson, Rusiecki, aw yeah!)

John Kelly Photos © Steve Ashworth.Summit Fever Media

–I’d heard about (and followed, somewhat) the Pennine Way FKT that John Kelly set earlier this year, but this new film really shows it in all its glory. Check it out and consider coughing up the few bucks to watch the full version.

If you listened to our last episode, you heard Gear Editor Ben talk about some new Tracksmith products he’s loving. Now they’ve released a new line of “heritage” performance enhancing drugs that sound really cool and hip.

Chase’s report from the Frozen Trail Runfest 25k in Oregon. I agree…25k and 30k are the best distances for trail races! Not too short, not too long, the distance will kick your ass but give you enough time to still have dinner with the family.

Covid Madness: Student athletes can wrestle, but they can’t shake hands.

Tokyo Olympics: No sex or yelling, or, I’m assuming, both concurrently.

Speaking of the Olympics, organizers are considering adding a mixed-gender xc relay and a 50k race walk for women. Huh? That’s it? Swimming/diving is considering a freaking high-five and we’re talking about race walking?

You know what I really miss? Jamil’s Mountain Outhouse News summaries. Always loved those and anxious for them to return. (He’s probably enjoying the break!)

iRunFar/AJW: We can learn a lot by watching kids play freely and it’s to our benefit to keep it up. Is there a sport or activity that better exemplifies that than trail running?

ultrarunning/Hoeg: Back to racing safely during and after the Rona. Good post, easy to follow, and not hysterical on either side.

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