Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Dec 9

iRunFar: All the results from trail and ultramarathon events from this past week. Hot takes:

  • Pat Reagan’s 12:21 at Brazos Bend 100 is smooooking fast! And hey, SteelTown Runner gets his first mention!
  • Also at BB100, Julie Kheyfets runs 4 hours faster than last year to win after race leader Michele Yates took a DNF at mile 90 something.
  • Denise Bourassa takes second at Brazos…she’s been running well for long and just keeps getting it done.
  • …much like Karl Speedgoat Meltzer. I was watching the calendar and waiting for Karl to finish–and win–another 100 miler for his annual streak and he got it done at the Devil Dog Ultra in Tennessee.
  • Jane Kibii was mentioned as winning CIM’s women’s race. Note that she also won the hugely popular Run to Feed the Hungry over Thanksgiving….She ran the 5k, grabbed a drink, headed over to the 10k start, and won that too.

Podium Runner: You know what it’s like to go to a race for a few years and you notice little changes here and there? Amby Burfoot has run the same race for 57 years straight.

MSN: Athletes can hear better.

Broken Arrow Skyrace registration opens today. Don’t wait until your distance is sold out!

Joe Uhan: Joe lays out the case why the Western States Lottery is mathematically unsustainable, and that the nightmare scenario is bearing down on us quickly. My hot takes:

  • Joe’s taken a lot of sh*t from anonymous trolls for pushing this issue, and those attacks have been unfair. OOJ’s proposals, ideas, and warnings have all been laid out well calmly and clearly and they deserve our attention.
  • I’ve always advocated for tightening up the qualifiers as a means to limit the lottery, but Joe’s analysis indicates that that approach would have minimal effect on the results.
  • The link above is to why the math won’t work…he’ll be posting his plan soon and I’m anxious to check that out. How would you change it?
  • It wouldn’t surprise me if the WSER Board bows to woke pressure to reserve spots for women and it’s their right to do that. But whoa, that’ll make the lottery so much more confusing and restrictive.

CIM was this weekend, and it seemed the MUT community was more focused on it than any other race. Is it just me living near the race route, or has California Int’l Marathon become the #1 road marathon for the MUT community? And if it’s the latter, why? Is it because it shares the weekend with the WS lottery? It’s time of year? What’s the reason?

Fast Women: Alison covers all the results from the female perspective. Great analysis of Katelyn Tuohy’s final HS race and how she’s handled the pressure.

Liza Howard: Tough time at CIM, but gears up for the next adventure.

iRunFar: Who’s already in, who’s declined, and who got pulled for the Western States Endurance Run.

Also out at CIM: Anyone else see Scott Jurek guiding Rich Hunter? Two incredible guys and champions of our community.

Dude, don’t smack the reporter on the butt when you run by. Have some class and do better.

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