Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Feb 1

Didya catch our latest episode? I chatted with Austin Bogina, a super fast dude from small town Kansas who has big MUT aspirations. He’s also a Ph.D candidate in sports management and has an interesting focus for his work. Also, Mariah vs Whitney.

This looks like my type of fatass. h/t Amelia Boone on Twitter.

iRunFar: Mikel Haggadone opens up about his struggle with mental illness. Good read.

NPR/Olympics: Trans man (born female, identifies as male) competing in the hammer throw as first trans athlete for the US team. I fully support Keelin’s journey to Tokyo as my position is clear: Compete as your sex, identify as your gender.

I found this on Facebook this weekend. It’s a tribute to Ted Corbitt from his son Gary and includes this fascinating trivia:

Why we need the Olympics in 2021.

Beck: Kevin digs into the data that compares times for male and female athletes and finds that the comparisons are dependent on how elite the athletes are. Interesting analysis. I’d love to see numbers for ultramarathons.

Fitz: Is respiratory muscle training the next level of athletic conditioning? Sounds like it is if you can find it.

While being active was linked with better heart health for anyone, study author Dr. Alejandro Lucia, from the European University in Madrid, said the results indicate that “exercise does not seem to compensate for the negative effects of excess weight,” contradicting the popular notion that one can be “fat but healthy.”

No, “fat but healthy” is not a thing.

Pyllars/DBo: The best one hour ultramarathon workout you can get, courtesy of Dylan Bowman.

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