Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Feb 10

IRF/Justin Mock: Week in Running highlights some of this past weeks cool performances. My hot takes:

  • Kris Brown‘s 3rd at Tarawera. Always keep an eye on that guy. Trains hard, races smart, and he’s often overlooked for some reason.
  • Ailsa MacDonald’s domination of the 100M isn’t surprising if you listened to our interview with her. I’ve still got her on my podium list for Western States this year.
  • Ruperto Romero’s podium at Sean O’Brien is something people may overlook until they realize he’s almost 57 years old. Absolute beast, and one the most humble people in the sport. Interview here.
  • Walmsley’s 2:53 at Pemberton Trail 50k is really, really good. That’s 5:34 pace on on the trails and he’s got Olympic Trials in less than three weeks.

NatGeo calls shenanigans on Portland adventurer’s claim of Antarctic crossing.

Canadian Trail Running: The best and worst trail running dogs. Our last Standard Poodle, Carlos, was lousy. Good for maybe two miles, he simply didn’t like to run. Our new Standard Poodle Jerome loves it. I’ve only taken him up to four miles (waiting for him to get older for more miles), and I’m ecstatic that I’ll finally have a good boy to run with me.

Sports Illustrated: It’s only February, but we’ve got the list for the “Most Fit Athletes in Sports” and it’s pretty good. Even some decent MUT representation!

Globe and Mail: Powerful and well-researched article about sexual abuse at a top Canadian school’s running program.

NY Post: This is a parody article, right? Right?

Pretty sure this marks the first time that an MMA fighter (Jon Jones) has referenced an ultrarunner (David Goggins) in a post-fight press conference.

Jill is tapering for Iditarod Trail Invitational in some wild Colorado weather. Hey Jill, got a pic of the sled canopy/headpiece? Curious to see what Beat came up with.

Billy Yang: Watch Amanda Basham set a new FKT on Hawaiian trails.

Interesting perspective on the Nike shoe debate...from a patent attorney.

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