Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Feb 22

Ultramarathon News for Monday

No ultramarathon content, but well worth two minutes: Twenty five things about life I wish I would’ve known ten years ago.

This week in science: Post-workout ice baths bad. Warm baths good. (LINK FIXED)

Haha, exactly.  “I’m going to run this ultramarathon for charity”, says the guy who spent all the fundraising money on travel and expenses.

A few of the subjects from this past week' Ultramarathon Daily News.
A few of the subjects from this past week’s Ultramarathon Daily News.

If you’re in Houston and like running, beer, (and yoga!), check out this list of activities.

If you’re going to read one thing this morning, read this.  Nathan digs into the philosophy of the trail running experience, challenges us to run in the conscious present, and prods us to achieve ultra-genius through the bizarre disciplines of gonzo-running.

Some weekend results from iRunFar: Looks like the trans-con isn’t going so well, and holy crap, the Roches are one fast couple.  How was your weekend running?

Since you asked, I’ve been running and doing strength work (TRX) consistently with no pain.  Feeling like myself a runner and couldn’t be happier.

I can’t really think of a more epic place for a small fatass than Mammoth Caves National Park. Anyone ever been there?

On the other side of things, what happens when two big companies each think they’re organizing (and take registration money) for the same event? Chaos.

Another powerful example of what happens when an eating disorder and distance running collide.

Do you use “Messi boots” to help you finish a trial or ultramarathon?  That little extra thing that helps push you a bit harder and gives you strength to reach your goal?

It happens to all of us: Alex Varner is fighting a few niggles, but ready to put in a solid season of racing.  

Speaking of Sonoma, I’ll be releasing a new podcast tomorrow with Jim Walmsley. We talk about his incredible year, and how he’ll strategize racing Zach Miller at Sonoma in May.

The Angry Jogger is an a-hole. Alright, I can relate sometimes.  If I’m in a bad mood and head out for a run, some of these thoughts have crossed my mind.  You?

Epidurals: They are just for birthing any more!  Anxious to see if this helps Ken’s back woes.

Why is it that many of the cities on this list of “hippie hideouts” are also trail and ultramarathon hotspots?

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