Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Feb 27

Ultrarunning Magazine’s Weekend Recap covers all the ultramarathon and trail results from this weekend.

I mentioned this weekend that while the high-tech coverage was on point, Twitter coverage was also fantastic! Liam (@aidstationfireb) provided excellent analysis and stats on Grancanaria just like he has in past races. This guy is a must-follow.  Kick a few bucks into his Ko-Fi right over here.

Monday Throwback: Geoff Roes writes about his views on the FKT trend and it doesn’t sit quite right with him.

Indie brands Janji and Oiselle join forces in a merger-like partnership. Never worn Oiselle but I have a ton of Janji gear and like it a lot.

After the race disaster in New Zealand last week, some competitors are blaming the race organizers, while others point to fellow competitors’ lack of preparation.

Adam Peterman clicked off a 1:07 half marathon to get a new CR. He did it in the freezing cold…on ice…in micro spikes. Strava right this way.  And more on Adam over here.

Kiwi runner wants two year pregnancy deferral for UTMB Tarawera and gets denied.

More on meditation and how to incorporate it into daily life. 

I first wrote about Allie Ostrander in November of 2014 when she was a 17yo xc runner who’d just won the Juniors race at Mt. Marathon. She went to college, ran professionally, and last week signed to Kilian’s Nnormal brand/team as a pro trail runner. I’m beyond stoked to get to see her line up against sub-ultra trail studs like Allie Mac, Dani Moreno, and more. The women’s field is on fire right now and there’s a chance we might see an Allie v Allie showdown this summer at either Broken Arrow or Mammoth Trail Fest. I’ll be cleaning my calendars.

Speaking of Nnormal, has anyone tried out the No Trace Program? It sounds like a great solution to what to do with our old running stuff. Can’t tell if there’s a cost to it? Anyone?

–Let that sink in. His 123rd sub 2:20 marathon.  

More on Japanese runners. For a country with a relatively small population, their standing on the world stage for road events is astonishing. From Ekiden to the depth of their half/marathon fields, it’s an impressive demographic. So why aren’t we seeing them transition to MUT racing at the same rate as other Asian groups like Chinese and Indian runners? Yes, there are some strong individual performances, but where’s the depth? Is it an accessibility issue? (Sorry, not familiar enough with the trail systems near big cities) or a cultural dis-interest in the sport? Curious your thoughts.

Sixteen year old Aussie kid runs a 3:55 mile. Daaaang.

And the new Women’s WR for 50-55 AG in the 1500 was just set by a male bodied fella. There is an excellent, fair, and thorough Twitter thread about this written by an athletics coach that makes some strong point. Start on #16.  You OK with this?

Larry Gassan writes about his ultra journey and ultimate heartache. I’m guessing there are many, many people who can relate to this.

AJW reminds us that even after our glory days are over, there’s still a spot for us in this wacky sport.

A skeptically scientific look at the barefoot phenomenon and if running unshod is really that good for us.

Ian’s excellent recap of Transgrancanaria with pictures and commentary.

Lots of Twitter chat about Courtney’s performance this month and fun discussions comparing her to Ann Trason. If we could somehow put those two ladies in a Time Machine and line them up for a mountainous 100+ plus mile run, I think Courtney would come out ahead every time.

Women are getting mightly close to breaking Des Linden’s 50k record. I predict it’ll fall this year.


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