Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Feb 27

Justin/IRF’s week of ultramarathon and trail running results.  Holy cow, huge weekend of races across the globe!

Here’s Ian’s recap with pics from Transgrancanaria.

Did you hear the latest URP episode with 2016 Skyrunning champ Morgan Elliot?  He’s young, he’s got talent, and he has an insatiable appetite for the trails.  What did he think when he lined up with Jim last year?  What’s on his calendar for 2017?  Fun talk with a cool guy who picks mushrooms on his trail runs.  Episode sponsored by the Mendocino Coast 50k.

Interesting take on women’s views of competition.  They like to do it…just amongst themselves.  Ladies, what do you think?

Cool: The technology (and guy) behind sports prosthetics.  Is this the type Mackey has?

Two awesome trail running videos to start you week right.

Wanna clinch your butt muscles a lot? Watch this video of a dude free solo slackening a couple hundred feet in the air.  But also read the article…neat perspective on the mindset behind truly dangerous sports.

NPR covers Mira Rai.  Great read!  Anxious to see her race more!

Hey, hobby hikers in Cumbria: Stay off the damn mountain or come better prepared.

Using a heat chamber to replicate adverse conditions for your next ultramarathon or trail race.

Scott’s latest entry as he returns to the trails: A fairly significant stumbling block.

Here’s the ESPN report on USADAs recent findings against AlSal.  Big deal or not, it’s hard to tell.  If it was just a one-off, probably not, but since he’s got a history of questionable tactics, it doesn’t look good.  Is it just a witch hunt with no actionable claims? Maybe so.

Read this: Excellent advice from Devon Yanko about enduing a 100 miler.  Listen to our chat with Devonfrom 2015 right here.

Funny thing happened yesterday.  I’m wearing a small 2.5lb weight on my right ankle to help strengthen my knee, and a woman asked how long I needed to wear it. I told her maybe another few weeks until I’m running regularly. Her response: “Oh, I thought it was an ankle monitor. My bad.”

Airline creates beer that tastes as good at 35k’ as it does on the ground.  Consider me skeptical of anything served on an airline…

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