Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Feb 28

TWIR: All the results from trail and ultramarathon events over the weekend.

Amelia Boone joins Matt B Davis on Obstacle Racing Media to talk about athlete contracts in both OCR and MUT racing.

The IOC urges sporting federations to boycott any events in Russia or Belarus. (Unless, what, those countries refer to Russia as the ROC?)

Davy Crockett takes us back to the Padre Island 110 miler, a “walkathon” (running prohibited) held in Texas in the 1950s where men and women competed for prize money, cigarette lighters and appliances.

This article mainly focuses on hunters, but it’s also a good heads up to trailrunnners who travers the lines between public and private lands. Even though you may never step foot on private land, if you cross it a corner and invade it’s “air space” you may be charged with trespassing. One of the comments indicates that CA landowners must provide a way through to access public lands…Can anyone verify that?

A term I wasn’t familiar with: Sportswashing. Good article on how corrupt countries attempt to use sporting to improve their image.

Great essay about the best performance enhancer: FUN!

Looks like Outdoor Retailer is on the verge of being homeless.

The Speedgoat wins another 100. For those counting, that’s 22 years in a row.

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