Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Feb 3

IRF/TWIR: Justin Mock runs down all the results from trail and ultramarathon events from the past week.
Next week’s Tarawera is looking like a great lineup: Ryan Bak, Pat Reagan, Zach Bitter, Sage, Kris Brown…The women’s race will include Nicole Bitter, Francesca Canepa, Anne-Marie Madden, and more top women from around the world.

Really, is there anything beer can’t solve?

TrailRunning Mag UK: The serious consequences of exercising too much, too fast.

Japanese woman breaks WR for visually impaired marathon. If you ever wondered if moderately visually impaired people compete against those with no visual field (or how physically disabled athletes are classified, for example), you can look up their athlete page like this to check their designation/classificiation, then jump to this Paralympics page for an explanation.

Outside: Got $100k and are looking for a go-anywhere vehicle? The military LMTV may be right for you.

The Onion is the source for my only Super Bowl link today.

Went to a road race for the kids team yesterday and the organizers had free childcare available so mom and dad could run. How cool is that? Big thanks to Sacramento Running Association. Any other races do that? (I suppose it’d be tough for a 50 or 100…mind if I leave the kids here ALL FREAKING DAY?)

This online ultrarunnning conference has a pretty impressive list of participants. Anyone planning on logging on?

Looking for a part time gig that will help Andrew Skurka take people on guided adventure trips? Apply within.

TrailRunner/Addie Bracy: Redefine your relationship with pre-race nerves and butterflies. I’ll recall “pre-race nerves” a few years ago, the morning of a 50k on the Central Coast of California. I’d woken up early of course, excited for the race and had particular pain in my abdomen. Butterflies, I figured, they’ll go away once we start. More pain. Vomiting. Sharp, acute stabbing pains. Yikes, these are serious butterflies! After I passed out from the pain, Sam finally took me to the ED where they determined that my pre-race anxiety was actually due to a massive kidney stone lodged in my uretur. DNS.

Toni Reavis breaks down the Vaporfly conundrum and describes it in the context of the Trump impeachment.

Should you get high before you work out? The truth (at least from the author’s perspective) about cannabis and exercise.

Ian Corless: Top ten tips for multi-day and stage racing.

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