Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Feb 6

Ultramarathon weekend recap, courtesy of Ultrarunning Magazine. I was out watching a few new ARs get set at the Jed Smith Ultra Classic and the conditions were perfect! Good to see a lot of familiar faces out there pushing through the multiple laps.

I’m starting off my week with the sounds and sights of the trails, courtesy of Billy Yang’s latest video.

AJW analyses the UROY and TROY awards for 2022.

Jed Smith Ultramarathon. Sacramento, CA. Pic by me.
Jed Smith Ultra Classic. Sacramento, CA. Pic by me.


How did I miss Allie Mac signing with HOKA? Allie is one of my favorite runners to watch and she only seems to be getting better.

If you want to hear John Lacroix rambling unsophisticated nonsense about me for over ten minutes (“it is time to cancel Eric Schranz!!!“), head on over to his latest podcast (starts at 13min) and check it out. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recognize his name from this issue (be sure to read the comments) and you’ll likely notice that many of his assertions are simply and provably not true. I’ll just leave it there.

Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton will not compete in World Surfing League events until it changes its new policy on trans athletes.

Are there too many podcasts? Matt Walsh from Trailmix ponders the trends.

New initiative to get more kids interested in trail and mountain running. My daughter Sunny (13) went to Max King’s Youth Trail Running Camp last year and is signed up to go again this June. It’s a great way to connect kids with nature, trail stewardship, and racing skills and gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from she and her friends.

Fegy inches closer to completing 100 ultramarathons and it looks like Hardrock (part of the WS/HR double) will be his hundredth.. Do you agree with his definition of an “ultra finish”?

Speaking of doubles, Liam on Twitter (definitely give this guy a follow) analyzed everyone who’s done various doubles around the world and compiled them all on a spreadsheet.  Great analysis and fun comments.

Nick Triolo (for Trailrunner Mag) writes about the five main formats for ultramarathons (timed, international, Last Person Standing, etc) and discusses his thoughts. Was he missing any? Got a favorite?  And for the record, I love the term “promiscuous running.”

Just got an alert that Pliny the Younger is being poured at a pub near my house and I didn’t bat an eye. It’s a great beer, but that part of my life seems like soooo long ago.

Alison Wade’s latest installment of Women’s Running results from around the world.

Real talk about performance nutrition from the folks at Sun Drunk Runs.

It’s a crazy world out there and this trail runner wasn’t going to be a victim of sexual assault.  I’d love to know more about this woman. Did she have training? A weapon?

Rather than getting angry at an ultramarathon event disrupting their camp, this couple used it as an inspiration to try one someday.

Brining the Leave No Trace ethos to different countries and cultures around the world.

Happy Monday!


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