Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Jan 11

Treeline Journal: Chase recaps Bandera and runs down the four Golden Ticket winners’ races: Ryan Miller, Katie Asmuth, Cody Lind, and Erin Clark. A few new names there!

SCMP: Cool story about three guys who’ve been trekking the 6,000 mile Silk Road for three years and are currently on hold due to La Rona. Funny stories about “aggressive hospitality” from the locals and the perils of trying to carry too many apples and watermelons.

Fastest Known Time Awards: Top two men and women announced, all well earned!

NBC/Science (Link fixed): New study finds that trans women maintain athletic advantage after a year on hormone therapy. Another comprehensive academic study on it is right here.
This is an important subject that needs to be discussed and unfortunately many in this space are afraid to do so out of fear of being labeled transphobic. Can we please get past that and figure out a common-sense solution?

Financial Times: Excellent long form piece about Nike, its history, and the crossroads the company is facing right now.

New Yorker, 1954: Excellent piece on Tenzing Norkay, the first Sherpa to make it to the top of Everest and some of the backlash that came with it. (Fun fact: I’ve been to the mountaineering “museum” in Darjeeling that’s mentioned and it’s incredible. Pic above.)

RW: More on Mike Foote and Rob Krar’s Grand Canyon alt-FKT Skinny Dipping Adventure.

iRunFar: Another cool “Catching Up…”, this time with Megan Kimmel. I find it really refreshing to read her story…she needed something new and different, so she shifted her focus away from racing and towards entrepreneurship and opened up a natural food store. (Here’s our interview with Megan from her heyday.)

Many female athletes are pressured to prioritize fitness at the expense of their health. The physical changes that occur between adolescence and adulthood—mainly weight gain as your frame expands and your body fills out—can seem burdensome at first, an impediment to fitness. 

–Alexi Pappas: Females need to see puberty as a power, not a weakness.

Athletics Weekly: Paula Radcliffe and Zola (Budd) think we should stop arguing about xc distance disparities between the sexes and focus on more important topics like getting the sport back into the damn Olympics.

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