Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Jan 13

IRF TWIR: Justin lays down the results from this past weekends ultramarathon and trail races. Hot takes:

  • Drew Holmen was a surprise to me, but in hindsight shouldn’t have been. Dude’s solid and looks like he put on quite a show in the last mile!
  • Ailsa MacDonald (URP interview) is an absolute beast and despite her rough go at Western last year, I still think she’s got what it takes to podium.
  • Alex Nichols grabs a Golden Ticket and Tim Tollefson is added to the list. Yeeeeee!
  • Does it surprise anyone that John Kelly is leading The Spine in the UK? That race was made for someone like him.
  • I’d never heard of the Roaring Gap 50k (it’s first year) in North Carolina, but it’s female winner Marisa Romeo finished just 10 minutes behind the first fella.

Sarah Lavender Smith: Now living full time in Colorado, she becomes a real skier, though one still a bit freaked out by ski lifts. Fun pics and stories of she and her family growing up…check it out.
For me, I see skiing much like I do golf. I like both activities, but can’t handle the lines, gear requirements or the cost associated with either.

Podium Runner: Easy exercises you can do at work that’ll improve your run game.

UltraRunning Magazine: Camille Herron and Patrick Reagan come in at #4 while Jared Hazen and Kaci Lickteig take #3 on the UROY list. Hmmm. I understand that DNFs need to be factored in, but I think Camille deserved a higher spot.

Larry knew exactly why he was hiking the HRP (Haute Route Pyrenese.) His motivations might not gel with my own preconceived ideas about why people should hike these big trails, but at least he was being honest with himself. And was I any different? I chose to write about my experiences in the mountains. Larry chose to be an Instagram influencer. While he spent hours every day uploading photos and crafting posts, I spent hours scribbling in my journal. Both of us, ultimately, would be trading our hard-won experience for attention and cash.

Excellent article by a writer struggling with the why of outdoor adventure.

Uncle Larry submits a DFL race report in typical fashion with mentions of boobs, pooping, drugs and a harkening back to a simpler time in ultras.

SCMP: This sounds like such a cool format! Trail running mixed with sailing in Hong Kong.

I ran behind a guy this weekend who was wearing VaporFlys, but had a nasty inward roll each time his right foot hit the ground. All I could do was think about the springy carbon in there and what it was all doing to his ankles, calves, knees, and hips. Nothing against the shoes, but it made me realize they’re not for people with abnormal footstrikes.

VinePair: The five best non-alcoholic beers, ranked.

Sunny running the six hour at One Day in Auburn yesterday. Her “A” goal was to finish happy, while her second goal was 100 laps. She finished happy and tired with 102 laps around the storied Placer High track.

HELP: Struggling with how much to let my 10 year old run. She’s grown up in this scene, she’s very self-motivated and goal oriented, but at the same time, I recognize she’s a 5th grader who needs basic parameters to keep her safe and healthy.
Parents, what have you done? Put a distance or time limit on running? Let them make big goals and encourage them to hit them? Total hands off? Sunny loves running and loves accomplishing her goals, but I really want to make sure she’s healthy and happy when she’s older. Honesty appreciated. Help!

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