Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Jan 18

Ultramarathon News on MLK Day:

Check it out: The top ten female ultramarathon performances of all time.  Well researched and intriguing list. What do you think?

This guy started an apparel company and one of his marketing stunts was to run a half marathon in a full suit.  Wound up setting a world record and got a ton of free publicity. Ta-da!

Sage was looking for a sub 2:19 at Houston yesterday for an Olympic qualifier (his last chance this year), and ran a 2:20:32. He’s had an incredible year, running sub 2:21 numerous (4?) times, all while keeping in tip-top ultra shape.  Looking forward to this year for him.

Ultramarathon Cross Training. Photo by Lymbus.
Emelie Forsberg at Skimo World Cup in Andorra. photo: Lymbus.

Of all the cross training activities for ultramarathons, is there one that produces more results than skimo?  This past weekend, Emelie Forsberg won the Ski Mountaineering World Cup in Andora, her first win. Congrats!

The letsrun crowd really outta get on this blind running dog from India’s case. Bitch is claiming to run an ultramarathon when it’s nowhere close. Pffff.

Get this girl a pair of running shoes!  She was born with a genetic condition that prevents her from feeling pain and fatigue, and she doesn’t have to eat regularly.  How do you compete against that?

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

–MLK Jr.  Creating ultramarathon memes since 1966.

Interesting story about Camille Herron‘s collegiate running life I hadn’t heard about. Lesson: Keep moving ahead.

Speaking of Camille, have you seen the new ultrarunning magazine?  It’s the UROY edition and is thick with stats from the year…definitely a keeper.  Camille’s name appears in it more than any other, I’m sure.

Some trail shoes to look forward to in 2016.  Real spikes? Yikes.

Well HURT was sure a fun race to “watch” on Saturday.  PNW did pretty well with wins by Bronco Billy and Denise Bourassa, and it looks like I should probably get Avery Collins on the show.

…and more weekend results from IRF right this way.

In case you missed it, Ryan Hall announced his retirement from professional running on Friday.  Sounds like he needs some time to decompress and heal. After that, we may have ourselves a new ultramarathon star?

Personal News: At the insistence of friends, I finally went to the doctor about the calf issue that’s been bothering me since Feb ’14.  Diagnosed with a sub-acute tear in the Plantaris tendon.  I’ll hopefully start Graston therapy later this week and be back running strong in a month.


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