Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Jan 23

Results from this past weekend’s ultramarathon and trail running races, compiled by Jeff Stern at Ultrarunning Magazine.

Her parents told her she was supposed to go to temple to pray for the new Zodiac sign, but she thought running 300k across Hong Kong’s trail system was a better idea.

Freetrail names its 7th place for Trailrunner of the Year. Another big shoutout to the sites and organizations for sticking to two genders in the voting.

The Keep Trailrunning Weird Award winners have been announced on Ultrasignup.

I dare you to listen to these guys on an easy run day. (As I’m writing this, I’m tapping my feet and was sooshed by my wife who’s trying to sleep. Oops.)  But you know, these guys are great example of how the musician is so much more important than the gear and instruments, just as the shi*ty runner with all the gear will get dominated by the passionate runner wearing old shoes and carrying a syrup bottle for hydration.

Thank god we don’t have anyone as entitled and obnoxious as Sha’Carri Richardson in our area of the sport. Yuck.

Wanna be a coaching coach at CTS with Koop?

Speaking of coaching and training, Zach Miller writes about whether he’s doing it right, especially when others can see what he’s up to. Excellet read.

I’m just hearing about this trail running shoe brand for the first time. Has anyone else tried them out?

The Spine Race may be over, but now the stories are starting to come out.

A few of you have asked, so I’ll give an update on my dad who had open heart surgery in September. Two weekends ago he ran a 5k and feels fantastic.

World Athletics floats changes to T level and treatment times, but ultimately still allows men to compete against women in competition. Finally, more female athletes are speaking out about what they see as the end to women’s sports and it feels like the pendulum might finally start swinging back towards common sense and women’s rights. Here’s an editorial from The Guardian responding to the proposed changes.

The new Leader in the New Mexico House wore (as far as I can tell) a race buckle at his swearing in ceremony. Can anyone tell which race it was?

BEAST COAST! Looking for a certified 24 hour timed race? The Raven is taking place Feb 18 in Mt Pleasant, SC and already has a few big names signed up. Whether you’re going for a record or your first ultramarathon, timed events are a blast.

Trailrunner Mag: For a sport that puts so much value and emphasis on individualism, our lot has a pretty strong penchant for helping strangers in tricky situations, don’t we?

So two things about this video. First, as a guy who lives in the flatlands, I can only dream of having such an awesome training hill nearby. And by the beach too? Sweden, you’re amazing!  Also, I usually zip right through sponsor ads, but this guy does it right. He shows the product being used, explains how and why it works, and speaks directly to its intended audience. Now I want one!

Perhaps it’s that I don’t watch the US American marathon circuit as closely as I should, but our champions don’t also win XC championships do they? Example: Ruth Chepngetich.

Remy: Angry runner who quit Strava last week already back on Strava.


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