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IRF/TWIR: Justin Mock runs down all the ultramarathon and trail running results from this past weekend. I didn’t realized David Riddle’s streak was still going! And Justin’s blurb mentions that Gus Gibbs took a wrong turn and finished second…was he close enough to have won it if he’d stayed on course? Anyone know?

More on the return of the Salomon Golden Trail Series.

A little trail running, a little Dirty Dancing, and you’ve got a wonderful way to start the week:


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How and why to use NFTs for event ticketing, awards, swag, etc.

Compelling review of Sweat: The History of Exercise by Hill Hayes.

In Hong Kong, they do a Vegan January. Here’s how some athletes have responded.

Tough Mudder launches Tough Mudder Infinity, an endurance series with ultramarathon distance events.

The New Zealand government has lost its damn mind.

It generally takes an Anton Krupicka mention to get clicks, but I think this article on naked hiking in California will do the trick. SFW but not sure what’s past the paywall.

Oh god I want to do this race so bad! Gary Robbins and crew just launched a trail run/gravel bike/SUP multiport event in BC in May. It’d be tough logistically for me right now but I sure hope to see more events like this in the future.

Personal note: The American River in Northern California is flowing right now! Sam drove me up river yesterday for a fun day on the rapids and I was toked on the 60 degree weather. I unrolled my iSUP in the parking lot (new rapids and rocks and didn’t want to risk dinging my hardboard), laid out my gear for the day, and d’oh! realized I’d brought the wrong pump nipple. UGH. Tough way to learn a lesson. 🙁

Fanfare would almost misrepresent the kind of thing an ultramarathon race is — a comfortless journey, across difficult terrain, over an extended period of time, with a lot of room to self-examine. The only ending more poetic would be to participate in an archery contest to scare away suitors, as happens at the conclusion of Odysseus’s journey in Homer’s Odyssey.

It’s from last week, but if you haven’t read Sabrina Little’s latest column for iRunFar, I’d encourage you to do so. It’s tough to lump writers into one group (adventure, philosophy, guides, etc.), but she’s in my top three overall.

LetsRun: Interesting look into the communications and life of an Olympic doper.

ESPN: Per the NCAA’s new guidelines, each sport’s governing body will set its own rules for how to handle transgender athletes.

Essay: How joining a hiking group is helping me regain my body confidence. (Link fixed.)

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